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May 18, 2024

Exchanging trade secrets with Warehouse By Mudita

By Payel Majumdar Upreti

Mudita Jaipuria has had an illustrious yet unusual career trajectory as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. It would be fair to call her a pioneer in her field, for carving out a unique niche – Warehouse sales of designer clothes – which almost never go on sale! Sounds too good to be true?

The Warehouse By Mudita was born out of Mudita’s travels around the world, sparked by the excitement of discount outlets. Supported by her network of A-list designers I the country, her venture quickly evolved into a major draw, with over 600+ customers / 11 designers in its inaugural edition in 2016.

She quickly grew her business from Delhi to other cities in the year 2019. The year witnessed Warehouse’s pan-India expansion, starting with Mumbai, considered a fairly traditional market. Someone who’s innovated throughout, Warehouse pivoted with the launch of its online platform, outperforming major competitors and solidifying its position as a pioneer in the industry.

Image Courtesy: Warehouse By Mudita

In 2021, Mudita introduced Get Powered by Warehouse (GPW), an innovative sales aggregation tool hosting events for the likes of BMW, Raj Mahtani, and Tarun Tahiliani.

Warehouse by Mudita is about to diversify into a new arena this year, with The Luxury Show, a first-of-its-kind full-price exhibition. LuxeBook caught up with the founder, Mudita Jaipuria, to understand her journey, and pick her brains about the fashion industry, her trade secrets and her style of marketing.

What were your early years like?

My early career was spent working as a merchandiser for different designers. I realised that there’s so much stock that just sits in warehouses and never ends up getting sold since fashion is seasonal. Owing to my travels overseas, I was aware of these amazing sales of one-season old stocks that worked well for both parties. My efforts with Warehouse By Mudita was to bring the concept into the country and execute it to the same level for all parties concerned.

Tell us about your off-ground experiences organising the Warehouse By Mudita sales.

The Warehouse sales that we organise helps connect buyers with designers. I have come across heart-warming stories of customers who are shopping for their wedding and didn’t expect they would be able to afford either their favourite designers, or to have a design-inspired wedding trousseau at the prices that are there. Similarly, there would be HNIs who attend these events and shop looks for an entire season, to sort them out for events that they might have to attend later. It is a great place for buyers and merchandisers to connect with designers and makes the connection more accessible.

How have you built your community of buyers and designers for Warehouse?

The know-how to target our consumers in a manner is a trade secret with us.

One thing we do really well is we know how to highlight one brand, and make it shine in the clutter. We know how to make our customers feel special, we know what our customers want. We realise what its means regarding demand and supply and how to make it work to our advantage.

It is a lot of psychological marketing and brand placement across various channels, digitally and even in traditional spheres of marketing.

Tell me about Powered by Mudita?

Powered by Mudita is our sales aggregation tool wherein one brand is highlighted. Its one of its kind where in we connect luxury and lifestyle brands to not just their target audience but also their target buyer. I have been working with influencers since the time Warehouse By Mudita began. Lot of our consumers when they see a story by influencers, they move on to the next one. This strategy doesn’t build brand recall. However, with Powered by Mudita, we ensure that our consumers are targeted over a period of time, and then content is valuable to them. It isn’t a one story or one carousel concept.Its about highlighting ONE brand to our clients over a period of time while conveying the brand story, its USP and then its products. In a world where there’s excessive clutter GPW ensures that the brand gets an front and centre positioning and its thought process to their coveted TG. Further to that we cater to the interested customers via SMS, whatsapp and mailers for further conversation & conversion.

More details on the Luxury Show planned for later in the year?

The show has been delayed due to unforeseen reasons. The dates are yet to be revealed, however as far as the luxury vertical is concerned, it is going to be the epitome of luxury.  Done in a manner that no luxury show has happened in a while not just in the city but in the whole country. It is going to be a highly curated event which has a best of luxury  for all buyers concerned.

Image Courtesy: Warehouse By Mudita

Most common myth about the fashion industry?

I think that would be that fashion is easy. Fashion is one of the most difficult industries to work your way through in the world. Often people who aren’t associated with the industry feel it is just attending parties and other glamorous events. However there’s so much work and strategy that goes into making the industry which gets discounted owing to the fact that it is associated with glitz.

Where do you see the most growth in luxury in the coming years?

India as a country has luxury within every fibre of its DNA. Luxury is something that is deeply ingrained in us every step of the way. We have had a long tradition of luxury and consumption of products and services that are luxurious, the monetary value being a secondary factor. Be it the softness of gamut of fabrics such as splendours of benarsi to the softness chanderi or the gemstones and jewellry that is produced by our various states and culture. India has just about scratched the surface of being a golden goose at present. I foresee a long  and profitable trajectory for the luxury industry in the country moves in to one of its most profitable phases yet!! Sky’s the limit and India is headed to the moon, mars and beyond!

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