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June 19, 2024

Bulgari and Piaget’s latest jewellery collections are bursting with colour

Aliya Ladhabhoy

For international haute jewellery brands, the month of July has been a bright and colourful one as they unveiled their latest collections that abound with some of the most intense and majestic gems.
With different design inspirations and approaches, each collection is dramatic, striking and irresistible in their own way.
Bulgari’s Barocko High Jewellery Collection
The Italian luxury brand has always been lavish in its usage of bold, sizable gemstones.  Their pieces are chromatic explosions, to say the least, but yet the deft designs bring form, function and aesthetics together in harmony.
Their latest collection captures the grandeur of Rome, the brand’s home city while taking inspiration from Baroque art and architecture. The collection exudes the drama and exuberance of the erstwhile era, while employing pink and blue sapphires, emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines, citrines, peridots, rubellite, amethysts and aquamarines in striking combinations.
Bulgari's Barocko collection
Cabochon Exuberance from Bulgari’s Barocko collection
True to the brand’s ‘Mai Troppo’ campaign for 2020, the collection is an ode to the exuberance of life.
Bulgari's Barocko collection
Colour Wonder necklace from Bulgari’s Barocko collection
It encompasses bib-style necklaces, lace collars, sautoirs, earrings and rings that are a feast for the eyes.
Piaget’s Wings of Light collection
Swiss brand Piaget presents a whimsical rendition of nature’s elements in the Wings of Light collection. Through a range of delightful watches and fine jewellery, the brand takes you on an adventure through an exotic escape flush with wild plants, majestic animals and shimmering sunsets.
The collection is further segmented into three parts:  Enchanted Flight, Magnificent Haven and Ecstatic Dance.
Piaget Wings of Flight collection
Majestic Plummage from Piaget’s Wings of Flight collection
The Majestic Plumage necklace from the Enchanted flight series features the plumes of a bird of paradise soaring against the setting sun and is centred on a rare 7.49-carat Paraiba tourmaline.
Piaget's Wings of Flight collection
Secret Cenote from Piaget’s Wings of Flight collection
The Secret Cenote watch cuff captures the pristine blues and verdant foliage of a tropical paradise through deep blue sapphires, opals and diamonds.
Piaget's Wings of Flight collection
Rainbow Light from Piaget’s Wings of Flight collection
The Rainbow Light earrings are skillfully crafted using the Maitre d’Art technique of marquetry which uses fractured mother-of-pearl pieces to mimic the soothing hues of the sky at sunset.

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