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June 24, 2024

Bulgari, Cartier and Hemmerle’s lockdown sales strategies; a great lesson for Indian jewellers

Aliya Ladhabhoy

Brands across the world are finding new ways to do business. While luxury brands in Paris and Switzerland have slowly started opening up their stores, they are missing out on a large chunk of tourist-driven sales. Parts of Italy are still under lockdown. International jewellery brands are accelerating their digital game as part of their revised strategy to offer an omnichannel approach.
Bulgari, the Italian jewellery brand has launched a new e-commerce platform on May 21 for Singapore, even before it could launch one in its home country. The brand also plans to launch online boutiques in UAE, Italy, France, Korea, Mexico and Brazil in the next 90 days. Known for its jewellery, watches, fragrances, accessories and leather goods,  the brand’s website uses augmented reality to showcase the products in a 360-degree manner. Bulgari is also offering e-concierge and home delivery services in Singapore.
Serpenti Bracelet. Source: Bulgari
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Cartier, too, has set up a microsite  Cartier Watchmaking Encounters to showcase its latest jewelled watches that were scheduled to be unveiled at jewellery and watch fairs this year. Unexpected Encounters, the theme of Cartier’s new watchmaking 2020 edition, includes additions to the following collections – Pasha de Cartier, Santos de Cartier, Maillon de Cartier (a bracelet cum watch), Cartier Prive (an asymmetrical watch)  and Panthere. The new Pasha de Cartier, available steel, gold, diamonds or all of the above. features an innovative strap. “The SmartLink system, which has been registered for a patent, allows the bracelet length to be adjusted by the owner without the use of a tool. Each SmartLink link is equipped with a push-button that releases the fixing bar allowing removal or addition of the metal links,” says the brand on the new website. Cartier also offers to customize the watch with the owner’s initials under the crown cover. It will be available from September 2020. Some of the other collections are available from May 2020.
Pasha de Cartier
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German luxury jeweller Hemmerle is showing its latest spring collection through digital private viewings. Their Instagram states, “As we navigate through our new world and join the widespread efforts to help contain this pandemic, this year our spring viewing is held, for the first time, online. We believe creativity is among the most mysterious and important achievements of humanity and in these unprecedented times, our urge to create has remained strong. Working closely alongside our master-craftsmen, we are delighted our work has been able to continue as we established new routines and processes.”
“We enjoy seeing our jewellery worn and believe touch and feel are important to get an understanding of proportion, weight and how creations move – we, therefore, look forward to welcoming you back to our physical exhibitions in due course. Until then, we hope in this presentation you find forms of beauty that bring a smile to your day. Wishing you health, strength and patience – there is light at the end of the tunnel,” states Christian and Yasmin Hemmerle and the team. One needs to write to them at to request access to the private link.


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