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April 19, 2024

Celebrate a weekend of art with Mumbai Gallery Weekend  

Ruhi Gilder 
Walk through the leafy by lanes of Colaba, as you head to TARQ, then make your way to Ballard Estate to visit auction house Pundole’s and the newly expanded Galerie ISA, to check out all the fabulous art on display. Postponed from its original dates back in January, Mumbai Gallery Weekend is now set to take place from February 10-13. 23 galleries and design venues all over Mumbai will participate in this three-day event that highlights contemporary art in India. Launched in 2012 by nine leading contemporary art galleries of the time, it celebrates its 10th edition this year. Mumbai Gallery Weekend was established with the goal of bringing together potential art collectors and aficionados and is free for all to attend. Read on to know more about the works on display at the participating galleries.  

Chemould Prescott Road 
Photo Courtesy: Chemould Prescott Road / Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Chemould Prescott Road / Instagram
Indian miniaturist Desmond Lazaro’s works are set to be showcased at Chemould Prescott Road for this year’s Mumbai Gallery Weekend. Based on his study of the Cosmos, Lazaro takes the viewer deep into the world of astronomers, stars, planetary movements and the galaxy. What stands out is his use of colour. The artist only uses pigment-based hues that are hand-ground.  
Cymroza Art Gallery 
Curated by Ranjit Hoskote, Cymroza Art Gallery at Breach Candy presents a photography exhibition by Ritesh Uttamchandani titled ‘A Lease of Life.’ The photographs are dedicated to the afterlives of political posters; they are turned into awnings, tea-stall backdrops, working surfaces at markets and mats for pavement dwellers. These images capture the raw materiality of an economy that relies on creative improvisations.  
Chatterjee & Lal 
Photo Courtesy: Chatterjee & Lal / Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Chatterjee & Lal / Instagram
Mortimer Chatterjee and Tara Lal of the Colaba gallery Chatterjee & Lal plan to release London-based artist Hetain Patel’s new film named TRINITY. It is the final part in a trilogy, of which the earlier films, The Jump and Don’t Look At The Finger, received recognition globally. “TRINITY contains a gripping narrative with amazing cinematic effects and an arresting score; we can’t wait to share it with Mumbai audiences,” say the duo. The exhibition also includes photography, video and documentation of performance by Patel. 
Jāmaat Art Gallery 
Photo Courtesy: Jamaat Art Galleryl / Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Jamaat Art Galleryl / Instagram
In celebration of its 23rd anniversary, Jāmaat is showing works by haute couture designer Vaishali S and Alessandro Giuliani, Principal Advisor to Vaishali S Studio. While on holiday in the Maldives, Vaishali was very inspired by the coral formations and designed a collection based on these unique formations. These creations got her invited to the Paris Haute Couture Week last year, the first Indian female designer to be approached. As a tribute to her inspiration, Vaishali and Alessandro decided to take these veritable works of art to the Maldives, 30m underwater and lay them against the corals. Surprisingly, shrimps, kissing fish, anemones, and even baby sharks loved frolicking amongst the garments. Alessandro shot images of these stunning creatures amongst Vaishali’s creations, creating a collection of one-of-a-kind underwater photographs. 
Galerie ISA 
Photo Courtesy: Galerie ISAl / Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Galerie ISAl / Instagram
Galerie ISA, known for its curated selections of artworks by international artists will be presenting the works Louise Despont. This marks Bali-based Despont’s third solo exhibition at the gallery. The artist is known for her meticulous, delicate drawings that showcase perfect geometry, symbols, and structured forms. Take the example of her bamboo line drawings on botanical dyed hand-woven cotton that take inspiration from Balinese kite makers and Polynesian navigation charts.  
Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke 
“Where do we come from?”, Sosa Joseph’s third solo exhibition at the Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke takes centre stage during MGW. Kerala-based Joseph displays 15 new oil-on-canvas paintings that were completed between 2019-21. The paintings take inspiration from the artist’s background and childhood near the River Pamba.  
Jhaveri Contemporary 
'Blue figure with snake' by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran
‘Blue figure with snake’ by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran
‘The Mud and the Rainbow,’ a solo exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, are on display for the first time in South Asia at Jhaveri Contemporary. The works in this exhibition pay homage to the Sri Lankan artist’s ancestry. Installations that represent fertility feature imagery of guardians, protector and warrior figures, make an appearance in these multilimbed sculptures that have been created in Nithiyendran’s Sydney studio using modelling and glazing techniques. The works endeavour to explore queer politics, zoology, idolatry, anthropomorphism (the attribution of human-like characteristics to a god, animal or object), as well as popular culture. 
Photo Courtesy: Pundole's / Instagram
Photo Courtesy: Pundole’s / Instagram
Pundole’s upcoming February auction, held from February 24-25, titled Glenbarra: A Lasting Legacy, will be displayed for Mumbai Gallery Weekend. The lots include modern Indian works by leading artists such as Tyeb Mehta and V.S. Gaitonde, as well as a fresh group of artists including Akmal Husain, C.D. Mistry and S.K. Rajavelu.  
Project 88 


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Project 88 is showcasing Tropisms, a solo exhibition of Bombay-based artist Amitesh Shrivastava’s new body of work, primarily created during the lockdowns. “This show marks an exciting departure from his previous oeuvre; with hypnotic colours and vibrant brushstrokes, Shrivastava now composes a pulsating world on the brink of catastrophe,” says Sree Banerjee Goswami, Director, Project 88. 
Priyasri Art Gallery 
Art work by Akbar Padamsee
Art work by Akbar Padamsee
Priyasri Art Gallery will be displaying works by one of the greats, Akbar Padamsee. The modern painter’s selected works will focus on his search for non-singularity through time, space, technology, and self. The exhibition is named ‘In Search of the Non-Singular’ and explores Padamsee’s work with lithograph technique, etching, and computer graphics.   
Photo Courtesy: SaffronArt / Instagram
Photo Courtesy: SaffronArt / Instagram
For Mumbai Gallery Weekend, Saffronart presents ‘Himmat in London,’ an exhibition featuring a collection of 36 bronze sculptures created by Himmat Shah. The art was created by Shah during his decade-long sojourn in London from 2007–18. The sculptor is known to be a pioneer of modern Indian art, and each of the bronze pieces in the Himmat in London exhibition highlight his use of the medium to create unique, experimental works that show his evolution over the years. 


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TARQ presents Saju Kunhan’s second solo show ‘Home Ground’ for this year’s edition of Mumbai Gallery Weekend. Kunhan’s art continues to explore themes of migration and displacement. The artist uses image transfers on teak wood to create his unique works. The exhibit also features for the first time, the artist’s works on paper. “The body of work displayed in this show investigates the more personal side of Saju’s practice, representing his ancestral home and the multiple migrations undertaken by his family,” says the founder of the gallery, Hena Kapadia. 
Also participating are Aequo, Akara Art, Anupa Mehta Arts, Art Musings, Gallery Art & Soul, DAG, Gallery Maskara, Method Art Space, Kamalayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Max Mueller Bhavan, Sakshi Gallery and Tao Art Gallery. Log on to for details of shows, events and venues. 
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