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June 20, 2024

Concerts and music festivals to earmark your calendar

Jade Crasto
Music has the ability to unite disparate hearts and cure the soul. For many people, unwinding involves watching television or listening to music on their phones. But only a true music enthusiast could appreciate the joy of attending a live concert. There are music festivals held throughout India every year when musicians and singers from all over the world perform. This presents a fantastic opportunity for music fans who also like to travel because it allows them to experience new locations while also listening to a wide variety of music. Although major festivals like Lollapalooza and Weekender are over, the next few months have a lot of amazing concerts and festivals lined up! If you’re ready to travel and watch some of the best artists in the world, here are some of the best music festivals that you must attend!
Circle of Love festival
Photo Courtesy: Circle of Love
A music community platform focused on India’s dynamic south. They provide a distinct viewpoint to the forefront of entertainment, music and culture, and are led by a team with over two decades of industry experience. They are profoundly interwoven in the fabric of the music industry as a record label, journalistic platform, and live music curators. Circle of Love curates venues and festivals to create amazing experiences. They take pride in their ability to understand their clients’ demands and provides customised solutions. The skilled staff works relentlessly to guarantee that each event is a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience for guests. The music event will revolve around good moods and delicious cuisine. The Circle of Love event has invited over 30 acts to play. They will play on three different stages at the site. You’ll also have plenty of chances to shake a leg to energetic music while eating your favourite cuisine and playing games with your friends.
When: July 22nd 2023
Jodhpur RIFF
Photo Courtesy: Jodhpur Riff
Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Jodhpur, commonly known as Jodhpur RIFF, will return to the stage, with the majestic Mehrangarh Fort in the background. Prepare for days of folk music from throughout the world, traditional performances, and seminars that will not only amuse but also educate you.
When: October 26 to 30
Where: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur
Ziro Music Festival
Photo Courtesy: Ziro Music Festival
The Ziro Music Festival, an outdoor music event that highlights the talents of independent performers in India, is the most popular music festival in the heart of Arunachal Pradesh’s lush valley. The most notable musicians from India come together for this festival, and a wide range of people attend to watch. The Ziro Music Festival is a fusion of music, art, and a vibrant culture. Anup Kutty, the guitarist for Menwhopause, and Bobby Hano founded the festival in 2012; it lasts for four days and is held in Ziro. There are many more activities outside the music festival that allow one to learn more about the area and the tribe. The festival has been expanding quickly, so go if you want to listen to some trippy music! Although the dates are yet to be announced, the festival is usually held in the month of September.
Delhi Music Festival
Photo Courtesy: PayTm Insider
They have everything from classical tunes to current rhythms. Enjoy live performances on numerous stages with a broad roster of musicians from a variety of musical styles, all while admiring the grandeur of Delhi. The event is intended to be a celebration of India’s rich and diverse cultural mix, as well as its lively music scene. Aside from the music, there would be something for everyone, from artisan beers to spirits, as well as a broad menu of culinary selections to suit all tastes.
 Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to see the confluence of diverse civilizations via the power of music.
When: September 22nd 2023 – September 24th 2023
Magnetic Fields
Photo Courtesy: Magnetic Fields
Every year in the middle of December, thousands of music heads from India and around the world throng to the sleepy village of Alsisar for Magnetic Fields, a festival that was introduced to the Indian festival calendar in 2013. Magnetic Fields Festival, which honours the greatest of the world’s underground music scene, transforms the majestic Alsisar Mahal into a throbbing, pulsing venue. The popular annual festival, which marries modern culture with Rajasthani hospitality and heritage, is nothing short of visual fantasy. The music is performed by international artists who are far removed from Rajasthan’s vibrant folk music. But precisely because of that disparity, the atmosphere of Alsisar Mahal becomes incredibly unique. In addition to the fantastic music, the Magnetic Fields Festival gives the chance to dance beneath the skies, stargaze, see their galaxies up close, practise yoga, and go on a thrilling treasure hunt in the Palace.
When: December 15th  2023– December 17th 2023
Mahindra Independence Rock
Photo Courtesy: Independence Rock
Independence Rock, the pioneering music festival, returned in 2022 after a nine-year sabbatical, with creator Farhad Wadia collaborating with Hyperlink Brand Solutions as co-organiser and the Mahindra Group as title partner. I-Rock, which began in 1986, was both the longest-running and most popular rock event in the country. Attending the event was a rite of passage for the country’s rock and metal enthusiasts, who flocked to the event’s venues, the outdoor auditorium Rang Bhavan and, later, the Chitrakoot Grounds, for the yearly headbanging ritual. For established and new performers, playing a slot or winning the yearly tournament was a badge of distinction. In previous years, the event has featured performances by well-known bands such as classic rock outfit Parikrama, alternative rock purveyors Pentagram and Zero, and metal ensembles Bhayanak Maut, Brahma, and Demonic Resurrection.
When: November 5th 2023 – November 6th 2023
50 Cent Final Lap Tour
Photo Courtesy: PayTm Insider
50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson III, the hip-hop musician, actor, and entrepreneur, will shortly be in Mumbai as part of his ongoing The Final Lap Tour. The artist made the revelation in an Instagram video lately. The trip will be the rapper’s first visit to India in over 15 years. 50 Cent came into the mainstream with songs like “In Da Club,” “21 Questions,” “P.I.M.P.,” “Disco Inferno,” and “Candy Shop,” and he spoke about his New York background throughout. 50 Cent, who was mentored by Eminem, proved a formative influence for numerous of today’s Indian hip-hop stars.
When: November 25th 2023
Where: D Y Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai

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