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June 21, 2024

Decor Trends for 2023 

Arushi Sakhuja  
As we bid adieu to yet another year, it’s time to welcome 2023 with open arms. New horizons, new resolutions and a time to spend warm cosy nights with your loved ones, so amp up the decor. From cities decked up with twinkling lights to opulent wreaths and Christmas trees, to the smell of fragrant candles illuminating your home, it’s the ambience that gets us in the right spirit. Let a colour palette of red, white, green and sparkle set the tone for the holidays.  
A holiday home can mean a lot of things in terms of preparations: decorating and lighting a Christmas tree, adorning the home with wreaths, stockings and lights, and setting the table for a festive dinner. Even the tiniest of touches can make your home both more inviting to guests and a great wintertime sanctuary for you. But as you spruce up your holiday home, keep function in mind. Some glittery ornaments, string lights, a few wreaths here and there, and a Christmas tree in the house are enough to make it look like a winter wonderland. Ahead we’ve listed down some effective tips to spruce up your home this season.  
home decor
Bring in the holiday cheer with crockery by Villeroy and Boch
The starting point of most festive décor ought to be an opulent table layout. Whether you’re inviting guests over for a meal or simply wishing to get into the holiday spirit with your family, an impressive table setting can instantly elevate your home for the festive season. Think colourful table spreads, exquisite cutlery and crockery, tapered candles and holders to tick all the right boxes. Play with the traditional colours of red, white, green and gold, or mix and match prints when it comes to linen. From checks to stripes and solid colours, the options are plentiful. Opt for contrasting napkins and napkin holders and wreaths, along with candles and impressive candle holders to add finesse. When it comes to crockery, Villeroy and Boch will have you covered with their exquisite collection of dining wear. Tying the napkins with a velvet ribbon and adding a little bell or sprig of mistletoe is a wonderful final touch. And if you want to go the extra mile, printed menus with a festive theme will add further touches.  
Go green  
An ever-lasting trend – Plants. Planters by Studio Palasa
With sustainability and environmental concerns being a top priority, adding greenery to your space is essential. Add a touch of glamour with vertical gardens or statement-layered planters. But for the festive season, holly leaves are a must! Other than a traditional Christmas tree, this further helps to add the much-needed oomph to any home. A small collection of traditional greenery like holly brings good cheer to the home while wreaths work as a natural mood booster. Another great way to incorporate natural elements into your holiday decor is with baby’s breath, which also gives the effect of artificial snow.  
Bring out some seasonal candles 
candles decor
A warm, fuzzy feeling with MISA Candles
Illuminating your space with soft natural light and candles is a timeless touch. And in the winter when you wish to create that warm fuzzy feeling, scented candles are a great idea. Christmas is a great excuse to light some scented candles that match the vibe of winter nights and the festive season and Misa’s scented candles are a must-have. To enhance the holiday spirit, you can design the candles with items like pinecones, glass jars, glitters and sparkly stars. Place them around your home on tables and make them a key element for your tablescape.   
Neutral tone  
home décor 2023
Sarita Handa Christmas Collection13
Neutral and pastel tones for home décor are two of the biggest trends this year. So, skip the standard red and green hues associated with Christmas and opt for colours that complement the furniture and decor you already have in the space. The colours should be harmonious, but not a match. For a playful, fun ambience, choose bright colours like pink, lime green, bright purple, or cobalt blue. Another great idea is to use layered neutral tones combined with shiny accents. A great way to incorporate the trend is by punctuating your solid colour sofas with bold cushions and throws. Think Sarita Handa’s iconic tropical printed cushions or Cotton and Satins red and white ones.  
Twigs and pines  
Be sustainable in your décor choices as you swap the traditional tree ornaments with hand-painted or gold-dusted pink cones and twigs. Use a pop of colour to break the monotony and consider adding in new plants with a holiday vibe like the lemon cypress with a citrusy fragrance. If you love the classics, add a poinsettia.  
Home decor
DIY Christmas Ornaments by Nappa Dori
Recycled materials and homemade decorations are one of the biggest trends for home décor and they can also help you stick to your budget! Trinkets and ornaments made with eco-friendly material add to the cheer. Nappa Dori’s Christmas ornaments will help ring the holiday spirit to your home.  
home decor
Vaaree adding a pop of colour with this printed throw
Throws have been a home decor staple element for many years now, and quite frankly they are a timeless addition. Continuing to be a trend that can instantly spruce up a space, opt for textured, printed or coloured throws to add to the festive cheer.  
Go cozy  
home decor
Jasper Candle by Artsian Lab available at The House of Things
From furry pillows to cashmere throws and scented candles, one of the reasons why we enjoy the holidays so much is because our homes suddenly become cosier. So, if you don’t want to go over the top with decorating simply add additional cosy elements. Finally, a BBQ or wooden oven pizza maker is the cherry on top when it comes to creating a festive atmosphere. 
The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends and creating a welcoming feeling. For many, this can mean plenty of holiday goodies to relish. Ultimately, your home needs to have a warm welcoming vibe. And a cosy, fuzzy feeling is what should be after. Pick from grazing platters to mulled wine, and hot toddy or light up your fireplace or bonfire for a night to remember! 
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