Delicious cocktails by India’s top mixologists   

Schenelle Dsouza
This winter, forget the plain old rum-and-brandy. Relish a warm winter cocktail instead.
Collaborating with some of the best mixologists in the country, we have curated a list of delicious winter special creations. Right from traditional favourites like warm toddy and eggnog with a twist, to new edgy conceptions that are sure to spice up your winter.
As fancy as they might look, these recipes are incredibly simple to make on your own with ingredients that can be easily found.
1. Deepak Singh Koranga, Assistant Bar Manager – The Bombay Canteen
Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine, The Bombay Canteen
Mulled Wine, The Bombay Canteen
90 ml Red Wine Reduction
30 ml Orange Juice
30 ml Apple Juice
To make mulled wine, mix all the ingredients in a vessel. Heat it up and serve warm in a glass mug. Garnish with a single star anise and a slice of apple/orange. Enjoy!
Rum Rickey
Rum Rickey, The Bombay Canteen
Rum Rickey, The Bombay Canteen
45 ml White Rum
15 ml Orange Liqueur
20 ml Pomegranate Syrup
20 ml Lime Juice
2-3 Fresh Basil Leaves
Soda to top up
Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add a few cubes of ice and shake well. Pour in a gin goblet. Garnish with basil leaves and orange peel and serve!
2. Harish Chhimwal, Mixologist, Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi
Warm Apple Toddy
Warm Apple Toddy, Olive Bar & Kitchen
Warm Apple Toddy, Olive Bar & Kitchen
45ml Bourbon
120ml Apple juice
1 Cinnamon stick
Warm the apple juice with a cinnamon stick. Rim the brandy snifter glass with sugar and cinnamon. Pour bourbon into the snifter. Add the spiced warm apple juice. Garnish with a red apple fan.
3. Javed Shaikh, Food & Beverage Manager, Andaz Delhi
Blushing Spritz
Blushing Spritz, The Bombay Canteen
Blushing Spritz, The Bombay Canteen
50 ml Pink Pepper Gin
25 ml Watermelon Syrup
25 ml Sparkling Wine
50 ml Sepoy Indian Tonic Water
1 Edible Flower for Garnish
Fill the glass with ice cubes. Add gin in it. Add syrup and mix it well. Top with sparkling wine and then tonic water. Garnish with edible flower.
4. Joel Hoosur, Senior Bartender – WAKAI, Mumbai
Mango & Melon Mojito
Mango & Melon Mojito, Wakai, Mumbai
Mango & Melon Mojito, Wakai, Mumbai
1 part White rum
5 Lime wedges
4-5 Melon chunks
10-15 Mint leaves
10 ml Mango juice
10 ml Melon crush
Combine white rum, lime wedges, melon chunks, and mint leaves in a glass and smash thoroughly. Mix in mango juice and melon crush until well blended. Serve with melon balls and mint leaves as garnish.
5. Joel Scholtens Lindsay, Liquid Chef – The Blue Bar, Taj Palace, New Delhi
The Mr Malik Reserve
The Mr. Malik Reserve, Taj Palace, New Delhi
The Mr. Malik Reserve, Taj Palace, New Delhi
60 ml Blueberry Infused Jack Daniels
10 ml Homemade garam masala and jaggery syrup
1 mud apple
2 figs
2 dashes of Blue Bar handcrafted spice bitters
1 handcrafted clear ice block
1 orange twist
Muddle the mud apple and figs. Add the blueberry infused Jack Daniels whiskey, homemade garam masala and jaggery syrup, and 2 dashes of Blue Bar handcrafted spice bitters. Shake with ice and double strain over 1 handcrafted clear ice block. Add a flambéed orange twist. Garnish with mud apple, fig and blueberry.
She’s A Star
She's A Star, Taj Palace, New Delhi
She’s A Star, Taj Palace, New Delhi
50 ml baked guava-infused Patron Silver
20 ml homemade white chocolate liqueur
½ starfruit
8 green grapes
Mixed berry, and orange foam
Muddle half a starfruit and 8 green grapes. Add 50 ml of the baked guava Infused Patron Silver, 20 ml of homemade white chocolate liqueur, ice and shake. Double strain into a retro fizz coupe and top with mixed berry orange foam. Garnish with a sliced star fruit and serve.
6. John Leese, Group Beverage Manager – Bastian Hospitality 
Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini, Bastian
Espresso Martini, Bastian
2 ounces Vodka
1 ounce coffee liqueur
1 ounce espresso
Simple syrup
Coffee beans to garnish
Shake the vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and simple syrup well in a shaker filled with ice. Strain and pour into a cocktail glass. Garnish with 3 coffee beans.
7. Kishan Lakhtaria, General Manager – Elephant & Co, Pune
Monk’s Potion
Monk's Potion, Elephant & Co
Monk’s Potion, Elephant & Co
60 ml Old Monk Rum
1 Inch ginger
30 ml litchi juice
10ml elderflower syrup
15ml fresh lime juice
10ml honey
Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker and mix thoroughly. Strain the blended mixture into a glass of your choice. Finish with a sprig of Star Anise.
8. Neil Alexander, Corporate Mixologist – Windmills, Bangalore
Eggnog Batch
Eggnog Batch, Windmills
Eggnog Batch, Windmills
6 Eggs
700 milk
100 g breakfast sugar
300 ml fresh cream
10 g cinnamon powder
10 g cloves powder
15 g ginger powder
5 g nutmeg
25 ml vanilla essence
50ml chocolate syrup
220 ml dark rum
160 ml cinnamon rum
Beat egg whites and yolks separately with 50 g sugar in each. Bring milk and cream to a simmer. Add spices and remove from heat. Fold in whites and yolk, add nutmeg and vanilla essence. Rest to get to room temperature, add both rums and stir. Refrigerate for 2 days, fine strain and serve on the rocks or warm (at 62°c).
Brandy Blazer (500Ml)
Brandy Blazer, Windmills (1)
Brandy Blazer, Windmills
150 ml apple juice
10g star anise
10g cinnamon
10g cloves
10g orange zest
5g black pepper
20g ginger
50ml honey
400ml water
Brandy 50ml per serve with 120ml of blazer mix.
Add all spices in apple juice and water. Bring to a boil, keep it on simmer while serving in a brandy snifter. Add 50ml of brandy and 120ml of blazer mix, serve warm.
9. Sherine John Beverage Manager – TresInd, Mumbai
Winter Cosmo
Winter Cosmo, TresInd, Mumbai
Winter Cosmo, TresInd, Mumbai
60 ml Hennessy VS
22.5 ml lime juice
10 ml honey
120ml warm cranberry juice
1 slice each Of orange and lemon zest
1 star anise
1 burnt cinnamon stick to garnish
Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and mix well. Serve in a brandy balloon glass and garnish with a burnt cinnamon stick.
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