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Do planet earth a favour, buy your clothes and bedding from these sustainable collections

Sanjana Virwani and Hrutika Bhasker 

As we all know, one of the main problems in the fashion industry is the heaps of waste and excess fabric from millions of brands that damage the environment. However, on the bright side, a few luxury brands are shifting their approach and choosing to produce and promote sustainable, eco-friendly fashion, setting an example for the rest of the industry.
Here are the top 10 eco-friendly brands that you can shop from!
1) Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney produces sustainable fashion and is part of the ‘Sustainable Apparel Coalition’, an industry that aims to produce apparel that causes no harm to the environment.
image sourced from stellamccartney.com
2) Alice and Olivia
Alice and Olivia have started their ‘Conscious Collection’, which recycles cashmere, denim, linen tees, responsibly sourced wool and knits for their clothing.
image sourced from aliceandolivia.com
3) DÔEN 
DÔEN produces sustainable clothing whilst making sure that garments are made by hand and natural fabrics.
image sourced from shopdoen.com
4) Mara Hoffman
The apparel is produced using recycled fabrics, fibers, organic cotton and other plant-based materials sourced from the Lenzing Group.
image sourced from marahoffman.com
5) Rag And Bone
Rag and Bone obtains has a sustainable production line. They work with manufacturers that ensure a detailed and sustainable garment creation technique.
image sourced from rag-bone.com
RVDK takes excess, unused fabrics and turns it into a work of art. They create clothing for women using high-end spare garments.
image sourced from ronaldvanderkemp.com
RIANNA+NINA is a company that produces vintage, colourful clothing by upcycling vintage scarfs and fabrics to make kimonos and long dresses.
image sourced from riannaandnina.com
8) Aiayu
Aiayu uses raw materials like cashmere and yakwood and own a sustainable knitwear factory.
image sourced from aiayu.com
9) Chopova Lowena
Chopova Lowena uses recycled textiles, overstock and excess fabric from the US and Italy to create their signature skirts.
image sourced from chopovalowena.com
10) One Vintage 
One Vintage brand uses antique textiles and transforms them into luxury outfits. The clothing contains handcrafted beading, embroidery and recyclable packaging.
image sourced from onevintagedesigns.com
Bedding and linen companies have shifted into producing sustainable fabrics to give you a dreamy, soft bed-scape, protecting the environment, promoting sustainability, and of course, giving you effortless comfort.
Here are the top 5 eco-friendly luxury bedding brands to shop from!
1) Boll and Branch 

Boll and Branch’s luxurious bedding is made with quality raw materials like soft organic cotton that benefits the environment.

Shop here

Sourced from bollandbranch.com


2) Sõl Organics 

Sõl Organics luxury bedding is free from pesticides and herbicides. It’s 100 per cent organic and free-trade-certified cotton are used in making its bedding bundles.

Shop here

Sourced from sōlorganics.com


3) Under the Canopy 

Under the Canopy bedding has been stylish and eco-friendly for over 2 decades. The bedding fabric carries the WELTRAK label with which you can trace its journey right from the cotton fields to your home.

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Sourced from underthecanopy.com


4) Parachute 

Parachute bedding has Oeko-tex certification, which means the fabric used is safely made without any harmful chemicals or synthetics.

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Sourced from parachute.com


5) Snowe 

Snowe’s silky soft linen sheets are made with a unique air whipping technology and non-toxic toxins.

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Sourced from snowe.com


Shopping from these brands will leave you guilt-free with stylish long-lasting items!
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