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June 14, 2024

Hakkasan’s new floral-themed menu

Schenelle Dsouza
Regarded as one of the most elite restaurants in the country, Hakkasan is the go-to spot for authentic Cantonese food in India, with 12 successful outlets across the world. Apart from its authentic Cantonese cuisine, Hakkasan’s festive innovations are what give it a prominent character. Be it festive menus or themed brunches for special occasions, Hakkasan never fails to impress.
Staying true to its character, Hakkasan in Bandra, Mumbai has created a new limited edition floral-themed menu inspired by the blooming flowers of the season. While spring is long over, a floral-themed menu sounds just as exciting during the cool monsoon season.
Calling it Hakkasan in Bloom, the new menu creates a multi-sensory experience playing around with flavours and ingredients that pay homage to fine ingredients, provenance and seasonality.  The ambience of the restaurant could not have been more perfect; a dimly lit space with subtle blue and yellow lighting to complement the theme.
Upon being seated, we were immediately presented with the Tale of 5 Flowers cocktail menu. It showcases a selection of five unique cocktails, all crafted with the Bombay Sapphire Gin, but each having a different floral aroma — lavender, hibiscus, rose, marigold and orange blossom.
Gin Cocktail Menu at Hakkasan
Going by eye, I opted for the Liliang, which combined gin with a house-made marigold liqueur, fresh grapefruit juice and agave syrup. As someone who enjoys the occasional fruity cocktails, this one was spot on. Although fruity, the cocktail wasn’t overly sweet, something I quite enjoy.
My dinner companion, on the other hand, chose the Lan Lan Highball which blends floral flavours like lavender syrup, and butterfly pea syrup with Martini Bianco and fresh lime. As he put it, it was sweet, light and quite refreshing.
Gin Cocktail Menu at Hakkasan
Lan Lan Highball
While the cocktails were the shining stone, the food menu was a close second. The menu was divided into three sections, Dim Sums, Wok and Dessert.
Starting with the dim sums, we went all out non-vegetarian going for the lotus root prawn rolls, black velvet prawn xo dumpling with tobiko caviar and pork and prawn dumplings. These light bites were a burst of flavour with interesting textures that look appetising from the get-go.
Hakkasan in Bloom Menu at Hakkasan
Lotus Root Prawn Roll
The lotus root prawn roll was an innovative take on crunchy and chewy textures. The crunchy lotus root melding with the soft, chewy king mushroom and prawn filling. However, it was the spicy, tangy mango sauce that really brought the dish together.
Hakkasan in Bloom Menu at Hakkasan
Black Velvet Prawn XO Dumpling With Tobiko Caviar
Another seafood special, Hakkasan brought out its signature XO sauce with the black velvet prawn xo dumpling with tobiko caviar. The carbon black dim sum gets its name from the squid ink giving it a black velvety appearance. A mix of sweet and spicy flavours come from the prawn filling. The addition of the tobiko caviar is a cherry on top, making this dish a seafood lover’s dream.
Hakkasan in Bloom Menu at Hakkasan
Pork and Prawn Dumpling
The final dim sum, the pork and prawn dumpling was the star of the show, and my personal favourite. Pair these with the chilli oil dip and you have heaven on a platter.
What’s more, the vegetarian dim sums are just as delicious and a popular crowd favourite. The chef’s special botanical chow chow and luffa dumpling is a vegan dim sum that created the perfect balance of flavours with the sweet chow chow to compliment the soft luffa. The aesthetically pleasing flower-shaped fragrant asparagus and mock meat dumpling has a bright green hue from the seasonal kiwi fruit. It is loaded with crunchy asparagus and soya offering a spicy yet salty flavour.
Hakkasan in Bloom Menu at Hakkasan
Wild Prawn in Marigold Sauce
The light dim sums in small portions are perfect as they leave you hungry enough for the next portion of the menu which is the woks. These celebrate Wok-Hei, an art that Hakkasan prides itself on. Their selection of floral yet smoky stir-fries adds a whole new dimension of seasonality to the meal. We opted for the wild prawn in marigold sauce and steamed red snapper in marigold mustard sauce. Melding local and traditional flavours, both dishes had a sweet and tangy flavour; the prawns and the snapper were both tender and juicy and bode well with a side of egg-fried rice and noodles.
Hakkasan in Bloom Menu at Hakkasan
Steamed Red Snapped In Marigold Mustard Sauce
The dessert was a special mango coconut tropical tart. Juicy mango paired with the tropical coconut and king grapefruit jam, the dessert was rich and indulgent, the perfect close to a wholesome meal.
Hakkasan in Bloom Menu at Hakkasan
Photo Courtesy: Hakkasan
When: From June 2, Monday to Saturday
Where: Hakkasan, 2nd Floor, Krystal Building, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Time: Lunch 12 noon to 4 PM and Dinner 7 PM to 9 PM
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