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June 23, 2024

FRED unveils FRED Audacious Blue, an 8.8 carat lab-grown blue diamond

By Arushi Sakhuja
The glistening sparkle of diamonds can barely be replaced by anything…. except maybe Lab-Grown Diamonds. With the flourishing nature of such diamonds at competitive prices, the fine jewellery market is seeing a drastic turn of events. And the carat size is getting large, however, not naturally. Recently, Parisian jeweller FRED introduced an 8.8-carat lab-grown blue diamond, named FRED Audacious Blue as part of their limited-edition collection. This is also the very first blue lab-grown diamond, the first in the Maison’s history.
FRED Audacious Blue
Photo Courtesy: FRED
While white diamonds are rare, the blue diamond is an even rarer occurrence. Keeping in sync with the brands DNA, the FRED Audacious Blue Diamond is a hero-cut synthetic blue diamond that champions elegance and an exquisite factor. Although lab-grown, FRED has joined hands with leading experts in Europe and the United States to create these exceptional stones. From creation to final polishing, each FRED Audacious Blue diamond has complete traceability. FRED Audacious Blue diamonds are unique at multiple levels, starting with the colour; the vivid hue of the Maison’s unique Riviera blue captures all the intense shades of the sea, its reflections of the sun, the movement of the waves, and its radiant luminosity. The Hero with 36 facets further reveals the diamond’s dazzling brilliance and each diamond takes months to create.
The inspiration for the collection was the founder, the late Fred Samuel, whose spirit of daring still has an impact on the brand. Additionally, the 8.88-carat size of the single stone pays homage to the significance of the number eight in Samuel’s life; he was born in the eighth month of 1908 and opened his first store in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.
“Following in the footsteps of Fred Samuel and looking toward the future, the Maison is adding a bold new innovation to its legacy. By doing so, it is giving blue synthetic diamonds a “novel place in the world of [Fred’s] high jewellery,” said the brand in an official statement.
Necklace FRED Audacious Blue
Photo Courtesy: FRED
The diamonds have also inspired the new Force 10 Duality High Jewellery set, a revolutionary collection that combines synthetic blue diamonds with natural white diamonds.  Inspired by the original duality of Force 10, the new High Jewellery set consists of four creations with each piece of jewellery that can be worn in multiple forms, designed to be worn every day. On each one is a scintillating FRED Audacious Blue 0.5-carat diamond. The versatility is showcased in the necklace: a two-in-one jewellery piece that can be worn in multiple ways. Its necklace can be worn both as a choker and as a pendant. The detachable asymmetrical pendant is composed of a row of princess-cut diamonds on one side, and a row of brilliant-cut diamonds in a bezel setting on the other, connected by a buckle. Similarly, the bracelet is connected by a buckle, its two lines of brilliant-cut and princess-cut diamonds are interchangeable with other bracelets and large buckles from this iconic collection. Both masterpieces are accompanied by a ring and a single earring to complete the Force 10 Duality set
Photo Courtesy: FRED
Photo Courtesy: FRED
With FRED Audacious Blue and the Force 10 Duality set, FRED once again transcends the limits of traditional jewellery.

Arushi Sakhuja


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