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February 24, 2024

From bee venom to white caviar, the 6 most expensive facial treatments in the world

Tanvi Gupta
With the increasingly busy and stressful lifestyles that we lead nowadays, the mere thought of a relaxing massage or facial sounds enticing. So much so that people are willing to shell out extra bucks just for a session of extra TLC. And there are those that pay eye-watering amounts of money ($55,200) for a facial treatment! Crushed diamonds? Gold? What is the secret ingredient you might ask? Read on as we decode the price tags of a few uber-luxurious facial treatments and the ingredients that make them so expensive.
Bird Poop Facial
Price- $215
Bird Poop Facial
Raphael Lovaski / Unsplash
Bird poop! Sounds bizarre, we know! A high-end salon in New York City offers this treatment that was once followed by the geishas of Japan. Bird poop supposedly has enzymes that scrub out dead skin cells to leave behind polished and glowing skin. The treatment was popularised by Victoria Beckham who reportedly applies this facial treatment twice a month. The most outrageous and least expensive on our list, this treatment will set you back by $215!
UMO 24-Carat Gold Facial
Price- $600
Gold Facial
A facial with real gold sheets! You heard it! This facial treatment is offered by The Beauty Clinic in London, which skincare aficionados swear by. This treatment begins with a facial massage with Gamma PGA, an intensely hydrating compound. After which sheets of pure gold are smoothened onto your face, followed by another massage. As its name suggests, this facial leaves you with a glowing, 24-carat complexion whilst also reducing wrinkles and firming and brightening your skin. At $600, it is certainly worth the buck!
White Caviar Illuminating Facial
Price- $1000
White caviar facial
La Prairie / Instagram
Offered by La Prairie at The Ritz Carlton, New York this procedure uses golden caviar that supposedly diminishes spots and brightens the skin. This extraordinary treatment will cost you a whopping $1000! If you find this treatment costly, you can opt for the caviar spa package at $495. The package includes an hour-long caviar body massage that will be followed by a caviar-firming facial.
Vampire Facial
Price- $1500
Kim Kardashian / Instagram
Another extremely bizarre treatment, it gets its name from the blood used in the procedure. It involves using your own body’s platelet-rich plasma and injecting it into your face. A small quantity of blood is extracted from the arm, after which platelets are separated from it using a centrifuge machine. Post which the blood is injected back into your face, leaving you with a radiant and glowing complexion. This treatment was popularised by Kim Kardashian and will set you back by a whopping $1500!
HD Diamond and Ruby Peel
Price- $7000
Mila Kunis
Now here’s a treatment we know will be expensive just by the sound of it! If you’d rather exfoliate with diamonds than gold, this facial is just for you. This expensive treatment involves scrubbing your face with the dust of crushed diamonds and rubies, post which, a lactic acid peel will reveal radiant and glowing skin. This treatment was popularised by actress Mila Kunis, who had it done before a movie premiere. The diamond-like glow this treatment promises will cost you an astonishing $7000!
Bee Venom Facial
Price- $55,200
Kate Middleton
The Royal Family / Instagram
At a staggering price of $55,200, this treatment is truly fit for royalty. And rightly so, considering it is the secret to the young and ever glowing skin of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. This treatment uses highly diluted, 1% bee venom, as larger quantities can be painful. This super exotic mask is made of lavender oil, manuka honey and shea butter, and it gives you glowing and young-looking skin. While the entire bottle of this treatment, at $55,200 is out of the reach of many, you can avail 50ml of it at $112.
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