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April 20, 2024

Future is Not Fixed: A virtual art show decodes the reality of today

Pratishtha Rana
In the times, when every individual is in search for meaning and is harbouring a blurry assumption of what will happen next, a gripping art show ‘Future is Not Fixed’ makes viewers reflect on this existential crisis. Curated by Arjun Sawhney, Managing Director of PR & Communication agency TCCGGD, this virtual exhibition is jointly hosted by Nature Morte and Vadehra Art Gallery.
Future is not Fixed- Gigi Scaria -Stumble artwork
Gigi Scaria’s artwork Stumble
The group show is hosting 24 celebrated artists until September 20 including Bharti Kher, Anju Dodiya, Jitish Kallat, Subodh Gupta, Thukral & Tagra and Dhruvi Acharya. Plugged in the narrative of a feeling of unfamiliarity and uncertainty, the gripping artworks evoke a sense of a tainted link to the world we once lived in; and still desire to live in.
Riyas Komu -Tragic Day Optimist
Riyas Komu – Tragic Day Optimist
In a conversation with Aparajita Jain, Director & Co-owner, Nature Morte (estb. 1997), LuxeBook delves further into the future of the Indian art industry and the challenges of the art gallery during COVID.
Please tell us more about Future is Not Fixed?
The show was conceived as a collaborative effort between two galleries, their artists, and Arjun Sawhney, to address some of the global realities we are facing right now. It’s a strong representation of our subcontinent in the midst of our current times.

Faiza Butt - It rained that day - I
Faiza Butt – It rained that day – I
How successful have virtual art shows in India and abroad been in the last few months of the crisis?
Nature Morte has hosted four solo exhibitions virtually on the website, which have been very successful, with an increasing number of sales and visitors recorded with each exhibit.
Are virtual art shows the new norm?
I don’t believe that virtual shows will replace physical shows. However, I think we have adapted and adopted a new realm of engagement. One that allows the viewer to be more intimately involved with the work and the artist’s mind.
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How challenging has it been to function as a physical art gallery?
It is extremely challenging and much far from being ideal. However, adaptability is one of our key mottos and we are doing our best in the current circumstances. While we do miss our monthly soirée, we’ve seen a rise in online purchases, one-on-one consultations, and private viewings.
How do you plan to promote art and keep innovating in the times of social distancing?
Nature Morte has been working on a lot of collaborations between different sectors of the arts, including musicians, ceramicists and graphic designers. We believe in building a community and our attempt is to do so in the online space as well.
What does the future look like?
We have been forced to rethink our business. It has actually been hugely successful in terms of adapting to online shows and remote working. We have thought out of the box and have been more prolific than ever before.
To what extent has the art market recovered thus far?
We are seeing sales, however, the arts are dependent on the economy on the whole and we will need to see when that recovers. Maybe another year?
Which is your recent favourite artwork?
I would say it is Painting in the Time of Corona, Dhruvi Acharya’s new series of works made during the pandemic. It is very intimate and divine.
Art and inspiration go hand in hand. How do you stay motivated? 
Technology has brought the whole world to our fingertips. I have been conducting as well as attending a number of panel discussions and workshops to learn more about the emerging trends in the art market.

Check out the exhibition Future is Not Fixed on and

Atul Dodiya - Angel
Atul Dodiya – Angel
Jitish Kallat- Untitled (Emergence) Drawing
Jitish Kallat- Untitled (Emergence) Drawing
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Pratishtha Rana


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