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June 21, 2024

How are Street Artists Spreading Awareness about Coronavirus

Arnav Mandhana

The Coronavirus has brought the entire world to a standstill; however, it has harmonized the world to work together in the battle against it. Here is a list of street artists who have actively taken part in fighting the virus by spreading awareness through their street art. 
1) SF

A 16-year-old street artist going by the name SF, created a mural on the rooftop of a building in Athens, Greece. It consisted of a painting of a lady in a mask on a wall, a painting of the virus, with the words ‘MENOYME ΣΠITI’ (which translates to stay home in Greek), and ‘STAY HOME’ written.
2) Hijack

The street artist Hijack used the murals above to spread awareness about Coronavirus in Los Angeles, USA. These murals were from one of his street art collections dedicated to the Coronavirus, called Pandemonium.
3) Angus

Angus is a street artist whose art is based on a comic/cartoon theme. He used the video game character Mario to spread awareness about the virus. He created this piece of art in the Dean Lane Skatepark, in Bristol, UK.
4) TV Boy

TV Boy is a street artist who does a lot of work based on humanitarian topics. Lately, he has created several murals promoting the global lockdown, in Barcelona, Spain, at the Plaça de Sant Jaume.
5) Richard Juggins

Richard Juggins is an artist who creates many of his pieces using trendy and comic approaches. He recently created a mural using a famous meme on the pop artist, Drake, in Malmö, Sweden, to spread awareness of the Coronavirus.
6) Tyler Street Art

Tyler Street Art is an artist who spreads awareness about political and global issues. He painted a mural of a yogi wearing a mask, which can be found in Lokhandwala, in Mumbai, India.
7) Nello Petrucci

Nello Petrucci is a renowned Italian street artist, known for his versatile style. He created a mural of the iconic animated TV family, ‘The Simpsons’, and used it to spread awareness of the Coronavirus. This mural is located in Pompeii, Italy.
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