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February 24, 2024

Best board games to play to reduce your screen time

Twinkle Dharmani

One of the biggest drawbacks of being at home all day is the increased screen time. Either you’re working those extra hours at home on your laptop, connecting with people via video calls or simply binge-watching your favourite shows.
To help you cut your screen time, we have listed below some fun and engaging board games that help you take a break from the virtual world every little while and connect with your family, friends or whomsoever you’re quarantined with.
This classic business game boosts gives you an adrenaline rush as you’re pitted against your fellow players to build your own monopoly. While you’re at it, you can also ensure to catch up on some bonding and strategic rivalry with your family.


This card game designed for four or more players can be played by making two teams, each includes one ‘spymaster.’ As a team, you have to guess the words placed before you basis a codename given to you by your spymaster (who cannot really help his team-mates while playing). You have to give your best at guessing the words and also to come up with relevant codenames as a spymaster to let the best team win.


3- Sheriff of Nottingham

With this game, you really get to test your bluffing skills and your skills as a negotiator. Between two to five players in the merchant city of Nottingham, all players who act as  merchants barring one who is the Sheriff,  have to either play safe  by  by selling legal goods in the marketplace or earn quick profits by sneaking in illegal one’s under the Sheriff’s watchful eye.

Sheriff of Nottingham

4- Chess

You can go on for hours on end, strategising your way into this board game until one of you checkmates the other. The origins of this historical board game goes as far back as 6th century AD.


5- Scrabble

The most common word game played between two or more players can help you brush up your vocabulary and help you creatively pass time.


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