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July 25, 2024

NOT DONE- Celebrities show their quarantine hairstyles as well as haircare tips

Sanjana Virwani

Self-isolation has given us a lot of time to pamper ourselves with things like face masks, enhanced skincare routines and laying in the bathtub for hours. Apart from that, we also need to take care of our hair.
Here are a few haircare tips from your favourite celebrities : 
1. Priyanka Chopra – Yogurt Hair Mask for dry scalp treatment
Priyanka shares her all-natural 3 ingredient scalp treatment routine.
Refer to this video from Vogue:

2. Jacqueline Fernandez – Tips for shiny and soft hair
Jacqueline Fernandez was interviewed by Vogue about her hair tips and she stated: “My secret is an egg white mask for the hair and a beer rinse for shine”.

3. Kim Kardashian – Redeem moisture for dyed hair
Kim Kardashian shares her Hair Care tips in a video with ‘The Real Daytime’ on youtube :

4. Tanisha Mukerji Tips for long and silky hair
Tanisha Mukerji shares her favourite product to achieve long, silky hair in a youtube video with ‘ShowbizIndiaTV’ :

5. Winnie Harlow – Tips on maintaining curly hair
Winnie Harlow shared her favourite product when she was interviewed by Vogue on her hair tips. She stated that “The one product that I swear by is Three Sisters of Nature Sweet Honey Rose Treatment. I’ve started using it as a leave-in conditioner as it softens my hair, smells amazing and it’s good for defining my curls”.

Recently, celebrities have shared photos on Instagram of their quarantine looks and we can’t help but notice the different comfortable hairstyles.
 Here are the Top 3 comfort hairstyles from your favourite celebrities. 
1. A Basic Messy Bun – Alia Bhatt & Deepika Padukone

2. Simple & Classy Ponytail – Karisma Kapoor & Kylie Jenner

3. Playing with hair accessories – Shilpa Shetty and Hailey Bieber


Be sure to try out these simple hairstyles to look presentable at home and hair tips to improve your hair quality!
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