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July 25, 2024

The Most Fascinating Custom Celebrity Cars

Arnav Mandhana

The celebrities on this list clearly have an obsession with creating and modifying their own cars, costing millions of dollars. Here are five of the most fascinating custom celebrity cars:
1)  Flo Rida’s Gold Bugatti Veyron
The rapper has spent around $2.7 million on this stunning car. His Bugatti, which was originally white, was wrapped by Metro Wrapz. To add to the astonishingly rich gold wrap of the car, Flo Rida went one step further and customised the rims of the car to be made out of 24k of pure gold.
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2) Kanye West’s Mercedes-Benz Stirling Moss
This car definitely has the most unique look out of any on this list. The rarity of the car can be construed by its $1.7 million price tag, as it was the last car made by the Mercedes-Mclaren collaboration in 2009. There are only 75 models of this car. The car has 640 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 350 kmph.

3)  James Hetfield’s Ford F100
Hetfield tasked Blue Collar Customs to completely change the look of an already customised Ford F100 he had purchased. Nicknamed ‘Iron Fist’, the car’s new modifications included a full upgrade of the exterior so that the car retained a vintage silhouette, but also displayed a modern look via the paint job and headlights.
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4) Will.I.Am’s ‘Dick Tracy’ Inspired Car
This is another unusual, but absolutely magnificent car, which cost the rapper $900,000. The car, customised by West Coast Customs, comprises of a Corvette LS3 engine and appears to be vintage, but comical at the same time, making it extremely eye-catching.
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5) Dr. Dre’s Cadillac Escalade ESV
Despite having the least visually appealing exterior of the cars on this list, Dr. Dre’s Escalade undoubtedly has the most luxurious interior. The $200,000 car made for him by Becker Automotive Design runs on 420 horsepower and comprises of a 16-speaker Bose sound system, a flatscreen TV, and two fully extendable seats.

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