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April 20, 2024

How to care for your luxury cars in this lockdown

Sahil Shah

As the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the world, we must stay at home. However, this means that your four-wheelers will be sitting idle for a long period of time as well. In such a scenario, basic maintenance is a must to avoid damages and repairs and ensure that the car runs smoothly post the pandemic.
Here are a few quick maintenance hacks, as suggested by Manjar8 Designs, which you can try to ensure the upkeep of your expensive automobile.
1. Basics
Washing your car as often as possible is key to protect the exterior and interior. Starting the car once every alternate day and moving the car back and forth to avoid flat or bumpy tires is crucial too. To keep the system intact, one must turn the air conditioning on for at least 10 minutes to allow airflow and to expel any dust particles.
2. Battery
Disconnecting the battery is essential. This ensures that the battery does not get discharged. Starting the car every alternate day would also keep the battery from being depleted. Battery problems are the most common for idle cars.


3. Fuel
One of the main risks is that the fuel in the tank could become thick over a period of time. It can clog the fuel pump and fuel lines. There is a fuel-additive that you can put in your tank before you leave the car alone. This would reduce the clogging but not completely eliminate the problem. Therefore, running the car once every alternate day could help avoid the problem.


4. Interiors
Cover your cars to avoid excessive sunlight, which can damage the paint and the interior of the cars. Clear the cabin of any junk items that might leave a bad smell and/or attract rodents.
When the car is turned on it is important to open the side view mirrors, the sunroof and roll down the windows as these smaller mechanisms might get stuck.
5. Post-Lockdown Rejuvenation
In case of a flat tire, attach a spare tire and go to the nearest petrol pump to fit the original back. If your battery is drained, you must call a professional car technician and get the battery charged. It is wise to give the cars for maintenance at a trusted company.
Hrishikesh Manjrekar (owner of Manjar8 Designs)





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