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June 19, 2024

Try these five simple routines to lift your mood in this lockdown

Stefan Pereira

None of us had ever expected and planned for the pandemic. While we are confined at home, what makes isolation worse is the grim news of losing two of the finest Bollywood actors Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan.
Team LuxeBook urges you to practice some self-care exercises and recommends five effective mental health care routines here.
1. Get some sunlight 
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With the current lockdown underway, we all are constantly deprived of the sunshine we are usually exposed to while we are outdoors. Exposing oneself to the sun for at least 30 minutes a day is recommended by health care professionals as Vitamin D helps the brain release endorphins and serotonin, which elevates one’s mood. Get some sunlight from your windows, balconies or terrace.
2. Exercise
Being active is crucial during these times. It’s easy to sit all day watching TV or at our desks working remotely. Various Youtube channels such as TheBodyCoach TV post daily easy-to-do, at-home workouts during quarantine.

3. Connecting with others
It’s easy to feel disconnected and lonely if you’re riding out quarantine alone, however, staying in touch with loved ones, even on online platforms, is a must. Apps like Houseparty enables you to connect with others in an instant, allowing up to 10 people on a conference call, and offering games such as Trivia to keep the call fun and interesting. Even Whatsapp has doubled the number of people you can connect with on its video call.
4. Learn a new skill or start an online course
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Learning a new skill has never been easier. Various free tutorials on YouTube and online-courses on websites such as are now available, and many of these are for free. Having a goal to get out of the bed every day will keep your mind busy and alleviate some of that boredom.
5. Meditation
Even though technology offers multiple gateways for us to pass our time during this quarantine, it’s important to take breaks from our screens and allow our mind and body to focus and energize. Meditation is a great way to reduce anxiety. Various tips and methods for meditation can be found on YouTube and many fitness apps.

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