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April 19, 2024

Iconic designer Halston’s disco-era fashion is now on sale, thanks to Netflix’s new biopic

Pratishtha Rana
“I have a vision. I am gonna change the face of American fashion.” These words were eloquently spoken by the iconic designer Halston (played by Ewan McGregor) in Netflix’s new five-episode biopic series Halston.
Born as Roy Halston Frowick, he’s been an influential name in the global fashion scene ever since the 1960s. His name often evokes the scintillating, disco-inspired mood of the 1970s, when Halston was one the most sought-after designers known for creating outfits that screamed ‘luxurious nightlife’ like no one else.
A departure from maximal, over-the-top designs, Halston made minimal, clean and shape-shifting patterns his permanent metier – which is equally relevant and timeless today as well.
Halston with models
Halston with models
The disco-era returns
And as with any TV show inspired by the life of a fashion designer, there are two takeaways for the viewers. First, an insight into the journey, evolution, failures and successes of the individual; and second, the sartorial extravagance you witness on screen (wishing you could wear the dresses too).
Lucky for us fashion buffs, fashion house Halston and Netflix have teamed up for a limited-edition capsule that brings the late designer’s signature, vintage pieces redesigned to reality.

This mini Halston x Netflix collection is a nod to the label’s 50-year legacy and all the dazzling party-esque runway looks featured in the series. When Halston launched his eponymous label in 1969, he introduced to his clientele a relaxed yet glamorous concept of fashion. Most of his designs were dominated by fabrics of cashmere, Ultrasuede, chiffon and silk. Inspired by this, the label’s current Creative Director Robert Rodriguez has reimagined a total of 11 such outfits.

Each dress in the capsule (Bianca, Liza, Grace, Anjelica, Elsa, Elizabeth) is named after the designer’s cohort models, also known as Halstonettes, who were his close friends in real life. A zealous party lover, Halston was often spotted enjoying New York’s nightlife with them in Manhattan’s Studio 54 club (now a Broadway theatre).
Halston, glamour and history
The designer’s stunning creations were a favourite of many, including an eminent clientele of Babe Paley, Elizabeth Taylor and Margaux Hemingway. In fact, Halston, who entered the industry as a milliner, also designed the famous pillbox hat for the former First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy, in 1961.
Halston with models Alva Chinn and Chris Royer / Instagram
A graduate of the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Halston had another historic feat recorded in his books, just four years into his stint as a founder and designer of his own brand. In 1973, he joined the entourage of American and French designers, including Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy, Anne Klein and Oscar de la Renta, for a fundraising fashion show to restore the Palace of Versailles.

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Pratishtha Rana


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