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June 20, 2024

Itchha Talreja: Bollywood’s Most Sought-After Wedding Invitation Designer

In a world where weddings are larger-than-life extravaganzas, the first glimpse of the celebrations comes in the form of a meticulously crafted card. And of late, digital invitations are riding the wave of popularity, offering a meticulously crafted way to showcase the couple’s personalities. Today, we step into the world of Itchha Talreja, the mastermind behind the most sought-after wedding invitations for Bollywood’s A-listers. From Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha’s wedding to Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding festivities, Itchha Talreja has weaved stories into paper, setting the stage for fairytale weddings with every intricate detail. Get ready to peek behind the curtain as we talk to her and discover the magic that goes into creating these exclusive invitations that announce a Bollywood wedding like no other.

What inspired you to specialise in designing wedding invitations for Bollywood weddings specifically?

My journey into specialising in designing wedding invitations for Bollywood weddings wasn’t planned; it unfolded unexpectedly. Initially, I crafted invitations for business families and industrialists. Then, an opportunity arose to design invitations for Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha’s wedding. From there, word spread, and more opportunities in the realm of Bollywood weddings came my way. Sometimes, the best things come out of unexpected twists and turns.

Can you share some insights into the creative process behind designing wedding cards for high-profile clients in the entertainment industry?

Every wedding is special, whether it’s for a celebrity or not. When it comes to high-profile couples, we simply keep everything under wraps until it’s time to reveal. Our creative process is just as straightforward—starting with a detailed meeting to grasp the client’s vision, followed by a questionnaire, and lots of back-and-forth until everything falls into place.

Can you walk us through the most memorable wedding invitation you’ve designed for a Bollywood celebrity? What made it stand out?

Celebrity weddings are always memorable, but one that truly stands out is Rakul & Jackky’s. What made it special wasn’t just their star status, but their genuine involvement and trust in the creative process. They gave me the freedom to design as I saw fit, yet remained incredibly engaged every step of the way. But perhaps the most remarkable thing was their ability to infuse joy into every aspect of the planning—it was all about fun and laughter, ensuring there was never a dull moment throughout the journey.

You recently worked on Anant Ambani & Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations? What was the most interesting part of it?

At Anant & Radhika’s wedding, the real magic was in the meticulous eye for detail of the groom’s mother. As a creative visionary, she infused every element with a touch of perfection.


What advice would you give to couples who are planning their wedding and looking for the perfect invitation design to complement their Bollywood-themed celebration?

To all the couples embarking on their wedding journey, here’s a piece of advice: make it all about you and your partner. Your wedding is a reflection of your unique love story, and every detail should resonate with your style and personality. When it comes to choosing a designer for your big day, don’t just count the number of weddings they’ve done. Instead, focus on finding someone whose creative vision aligns with yours.

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