Marriott’s Quan spa hits all the right spots

Payel Majumdar Upreti
Where does one get a good spa in the city nowadays, a close friend recently pinged me. There are many options for a good spa therapy in the Capital. Spas have evolved from being a regular massage to a mind and body experience, a wellness therapy for all senses involved. To answer her question, my mind veered to the Quan Spa at JW Marriott Aerocity, with its multiple spa treatment options, located right in the middle of the city, approachable both from Central Delhi and the suburbs. The pollution has been giving us Delhi folks a trying time, and it was time to rejuvenate and forget the trials of living in a city.
I walked in on a Saturday afternoon, and as soon as I entered the dimly lit spa, my mind felt relaxed. The staff is trained to provide a quality experience from the get-go. I was shown the spa menu, and I chose to go ahead with the Swedish massage recommendation, opting for the very soothing frankincense scented restorative oil. After keeping the belongings away, the masseuse indulged me in some aromatherapy, as I dipped my feet in some warm water with rose petals. It can feel like a staycation in the middle of the city, away from the traffic snarls and loud noises, to calm down my overstimulated nerves.
A break from the usual
The massage lasted for a good hour. The therapist had checked with me my pressure points previously, and concentrated on relaxing my clenched shoulders. After the massage, I felt that I had indeed kept my troubles behind.  According to the manager, the name represents the spa’s philosophy, “Quan Means ‘spring water’ which signifies all things good and pure, health as well as wellness. Water is the source of all life. It has the ability to cleanse physically and spiritually. At Quan, the therapies draw on these restorative qualities to provide a haven of calmness and relaxation.”
Marriott’s Quan spa
Photo Courtesy: JW Marriott
The therapist had a decade-long experience and said that she had worked on my lymphatic system to boost circulation and relieve muscular tension especially on my back. The spa is equipped with a steam room and a sauna, depending on what you prefer. The steam-sauna is just the place to be to deep cleanse one’s pores, and I felt radiant and fresh after my shower.
Hitting the right spot
Alternatively, you could even go in for an Ayurvedic marma massage, including herbal oils to stimulate marma points (junction points) of the body, followed by a steam bath. This treatment is highly effective as it helps combat stress and lets you experience a level of repose that provides heavenly wellness and helps maintain inner peace
Marriott’s Quan spa
Photo Courtesy: JW Marriott
Now it was a time to have a bite, and I headed to Delhi Baking Company downstairs to have a late lunch post my massage. I had a Chicken tikka panini with a side of potato wedges and fresh salad, some ground mustard and ketchup. I went for a Darjeeling tea and a lemon cake as dessert. The calm environs of the hotel, away from the bustle and the traffic, truly pervaded a sense of calmness after a hectic day. The bakery has plenty other options for both vegetarians, and for those looking for healhier options. The variety in salads and sandwiches catered to palates across the board.
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