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June 21, 2024

Must-try: Mumbai’s best chefs have designed Masque’s fourth anniversary menu

Aliya Ladhabhoy
Dining experiences at Masque in Mumbai are always a treat. Founded by Chefs Aditi Dugar and Prateek Sadhu, the restaurant’s focus has always been on harnessing local ingredients with a contemporary flair.
This year, with the pandemic having restricted people from venturing outdoors, Masque celebrates its fourth anniversary with a collaborative delivery pop-up. Few of the best chefs in the city, Chef Alex Sanchez of Americano, Chef Shahzad Hussain of O Pedro, and Chef Gresham Fernandes, Culinary Director of Impressario Group will all cook yum dishes for this one.


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Masque Corn Pudding Tamale and goan sausages
Corn Pudding Tamale, Goan Sausage, Habanero Sauce. Courtesy: Masque
Masque & Friends is a special pop-up menu featuring Indian, American and Asian flavours. On offer are Corn Pudding Tamale with Goan Sausage, Cured Rawas in Coconut and Fermented Chilli Broth, Carrot Rillettes, Bone Marrow Gravy with lamb K Morel Miso Dirty Rice, Furikake Potatoes and more. It is priced at ₹3,000 plus taxes.
“We’ve celebrated every anniversary at Masque so far with a collaboration and really wanted to continue that tradition. These are some of my favourite chefs in the city, all immensely talented. The idea is to put together a truly collaborative menu – nobody’s doing just one thing or responsible for just one dish,” says Sadhu. “We’ve been hashing out ideas, both, over the phone and in person as far as possible, and each chef has brought his strengths to the table. We [chefs Prateek, Gresham, Alex and Hussain] share a great rapport and have talked about cooking together in the past – and what better time to do that than now!”
Masque Morel Miso Dirty Rice
Morel Miso Dirty Rice. Courtesy: Masque
Guests can also add on drinks like Salted Donkey (orange juice, dill and cucumber) and Easy Paradisi (Grapefruit, carrot, kale and agave) to the set menu. It is available from September 11 to September 13.
The pop-up also includes preserves and ferments from the MasqueLab. One of them is Koji rice. Koji is an edible mould culture that can grow on many cooked grains. It takes 2 days for it to grow before it can be dried and added to dishes. It’s used to ferment soy sauce, miso, sake and other common Japanese foods. For the pop-up, it will be employed as an umami spice rub for lamb neck, lending it a dry-aged flavour.

Chef Alex Sanchez shares, “At a time like this, I couldn’t be happier to participate in this very special occasion, the celebration of Masque’s fourth anniversary. We’ve been cooped up in our houses for far too long, and I am thrilled to come out of the hiding to cook with the best chefs I know, who I am also lucky to call friends. This menu is a true collaboration in every sense, so much so that it would be impossible to say where one of our ideas ended and another’s began. As Chef Prateek rightly said, the vision was to create a table full of deliciousness. Looks like we’re on the right track.”
If you need to cheer yourself up during the pandemic or just need a dose of happiness, order the chefs’ preparations on Swiggy or Call on 98190 69222.

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