Non-traditional ways to get moving in 2023 

Arushi Sakhuja   
Fitness has become a word synonymous with not only physical fitness but also mental well-being. With the fast pace of technological developments and AI coming into the picture, human beings now live a more sedentary lifestyle. As much of the workforce shifts to a remote environment and people perform jobs on the computer at their desks, we’re sitting too much at work. It’s a proven fact that sitting too much at work is responsible for numerous health risks, including increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Above all health concerns, sitting too much at work can cause an increased risk of early death.
The ease of everything automation (including smart lighting and Alexa) has made individuals more lethargic contributing to a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is one that involves minimal or no physical activity with a lot of sitting and lying down — which in present-day means us being glued to our screens and remaining seated for most hours of the day.
Vaishnavi Boora, Vaishnavi Boora, Fitness Coach and Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer
Vaishnavi Boora, Vaishnavi Boora, Fitness Coach and Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer
As a child, your activity levels are bound to be higher given the hectic schedule of school and university. But the older we get, the more likely we are to lapse into a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, according to a report, an estimated 67% of older adults sit for more than eight hours per day, and only 28% to 34% of adults aged 65 to 74 are physically active. Research published in 2010 found inactivity and sitting for longer than four hours per day greatly increases your risk for cardiovascular disease (perhaps even more than smoking), diabetes, and several other obesity-related conditions. However, the emergence of fitness gadgets like the Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin work as great reminders to get in a few steps every hour. Fixing a sedentary lifestyle takes some conscious effort at first, but the value of being more physically active is worth it for the myriad benefits it brings.
The notion of completing 10,000 steps is becoming cliched with every passing year. Fitness enthusiasts with the help of technology are coming up with fresher and newer ways to help individuals leave a healthier lifestyle. Fitness is not just about your one hour in the gym, says fitness expert Sumaya Dalmia. She correctly points out that the concept of completing 10,000 steps a day is to throw light on the importance of being more active around the house. You may not have time for the gym, but why not start taking your calls walking or make it a habit to take a walk around your workspace every hour? Maybe pick up a hobby or immerse yourself in some chores to get in that extra activity, and finally while the elevator may be enticing, make the effort of using staircases wherever possible.
Devyani M, Founder Yoga Urja, Wellness Mentor, Author, Speaker, and Athlete es a few newer ways to add physical movement. “Virtual reality (VR) technology is being used to create immersive, interactive fitness experiences. For example, VR fitness games and workouts allow you to “exercise” in virtual environments, such as by boxing, dancing, or climbing virtual mountains.” Additionally, she says some gym equipment is now being equipped with sensors and other technology that can track your workouts, offers personalized feedback and coaching, and even adapt the resistance or intensity of the workout to your individual needs. But the most important part of it all is just to get moving.
Devyani M, Founder Yoga Urja, Wellness Mentor, Author, Speaker, Athlete
Devyani M, Founder Yoga Urja, Wellness Mentor, Author, Speaker, Athlete
How to fix a sedentary lifestyle  
One of the worst hit with a sedentary lifestyle are individuals with blue-collar jobs that require hours sitting in meetings or at a desk on the front screen. The easiest way is to ensure you stand every 20 minutes to get blood flow in your limbs. Set an alarm if you use a Fitbit and turn on the hourly reminders.  But new kinds of workstations including a standing desk, a treadmill desk, or a fitness ball seat which promotes active sitting, in which you engage your core, are some inventive ways to burn those calories.
The concept of a desk treadmill might be new to some, and some may already be aware of the new technology will allow you to simply plug in a treadmill below your desk and work while walking. We do think that is supremely innovative and really does reinstate the essence of movement. Yet another way is the use of wearable technology equipment like Ultrahuman M1 fitness trackers and other trackers.
Ahead we look at some of the newer ways to add activity into your daily life.
Standing desks  
Standing desks are one of the first steps to stopping a sedentary lifestyle. The health benefits include reducing your risk of cardiovascular devices, reducing your risk of premature death, an increased metabolism, and an improved ability to regulate blood sugar. The best part is that all of this increase when you add an under-desk treadmill! A standing desk is an easy and convenient way to improve your health and wellness while staying productive and getting work done. With a simple and adjustable design, standing desks allow you to comfortably write, read, or use your computer from a standing position. Studies show that by decreasing the amount of time you sit in a day, you can make dramatic improvements in your overall health. For example, standing desks give you an opportunity to take a break from sitting and stretch while at work. You can perform overhead stretches as well as lower body stretches, and you won’t have to leave your desk to do so. This helps you reduce neck and back pain and keeps you active, so you don’t start to feel groggy or sleepy while you’re at your desk.
Fitness expert, Sumaya Dalmia
Fitness expert, Sumaya Dalmia
Wearable tech   
“We can’t live in a world filled with technological advances and not be fashion-forward about it too. New pioneering workout gear allows customers to meet fitness objectives faster with high-tech clothing that is both smart and stylish,” said Vaishnavi Boora, Fitness Coach and Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer. Sumaya Dalmia further also agrees with wearable tech as a way to keep individuals motivated. From fitness trackers like the Fitbit to the Apple Watch and newer ones like Ultrahuman, these give a lot of data on preventive health and fitness. “Sleep trackers, sugar trackers and gadgets to clock in your steps help people see real-time data and these are good tools to stay on track vis-a-vis your fitness and nutrition,” shared Dalmia. Speaking about one of her favourite wearable tech, she throws light on the Ultrahuman tracker which gives individuals an insight into the food and how it raises your blood sugar level. She also loves Whop which tells us the importance of rest and recovery.
Photo Courtesy: Ultrahuman
fitness Wearable tech, Ultrahuman M1 Fitness Tracker
Photo Courtesy: Ultrahuman
The Ultrahuman is a fitness tracker that comes in the form of a sensor and helps users track blood glucose levels. The tech-lifestyle fitness brand primarily aims to help users improve their metabolism, which in turn can make them fitter and eat the right kind of food.  Discover foods that work for you and optimize the ones that don’t. Based on unique glucose metabolism insights, identify foods that give you a stable glucose response Fuel better for your workouts and sports. Know if you’re under fuelled, optimally fuelled or over fuelled for your activities. Improve performance and recovery. Your glucose levels during sleep hours affect your sleep quality and recovery. Optimize these via the nocturnal glucose insights
Virtual reality  

Virtual training and coaching are becoming indispensable tools in the fitness world, said Boora. “Many health clubs are now encouraging the use of professionally coached classes brought to customers via streaming. Apps like Endomondo allow users to simulate the experience of having a personal training session with a coach through their headphones. Indicated as the new cutting-edge tool in training, virtual reality has already been embraced by thousands of gyms and fitness clubs internationally. Athletes are finding a new way to communicate and share with fans; Floyd Mayweather has developed his own Mayweather at home boxing.”
Under-desk treadmills   
Treadmil desk by Lifespan
Photo Courtesy: Lifespan
Standing desk
Photo Courtesy: Lifespan
One of the easiest ways to burn more calories and increase your productivity throughout the workday is to use a desk treadmill. Not only will this equipment simplify your exercise routine but it has also shown you can increase your productivity using a treadmill desk. You can type, review emails, make calls, and attend video conferences – all while matching your fitness goals.
Another benefit of standing desk treadmills is that you can transition from a standing desk to a desk treadmill at any point during the day.  When it comes to improved cognition, one study found that treadmill desks improved short-term memory.
All-in-one bike desk    
desk bike
Photo Courtesy: Lifespan
bike desk
Photo Courtesy: Lifespan
The all-in-One Desk Bikes are the perfect addition to any office, home workplace, or learning environment. With a built-in desktop and seat height adjustment, you can sit comfortably while getting your work done. The minimal-resistance pedals allow you to move throughout the day so you can be more active and comfortable while sitting at your desk. These bikes are powered by you, which means no batteries to replace or power cords to stumble over.
Movement for travelling professionals  
However, if your profession involves excessive travel, make fitness a part of your journey with an on-the-go travel fitness kit. For Boorah the kit should have a Core Flyte, Powertube, Bands, Sliders, Skipping Rope and a portable kettlebell. She further elaborates on the benefits of the equipment. “Powertubes can be attached to a doorframe or simply step on the middle for an effective, full-body resistance workout. It folds up tiny, so can easily be chucked in your hand luggage. Bands may look like just a stretchy piece of material, but don’t be fooled — your legs and glutes will burn after a workout using one of these.  Sliders are Easily the lightest and most portable piece of travel equipment. With comfortable grip handles, portable kettlebells are a bag you fill up with sand, dirt, gravel, or whatever you can find to use for weighted workouts when you travel.”
Additionally, you can also opt to squeeze in a small workout during your lunch breaks, practice seated leg raises or do quick stretches to relieve pain. And if you still feel lazy, we suggest adopting a dog. A dog can be a great companion, but more importantly, they’ll demand a couple of walks per day, which means you go out with them.
In a world where fitness is being seen as a way of preventive health, individuals are urged to focus their attention on staying fit by sleeping well, nutrition, low-stress levels and exercising. To conclude Dalmia is of the opinion that these fitness trackers help individuals stay on track for the 23 hours that they don’t spend in the gym, hence making fitness and well-being a priority.
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