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July 22, 2024

Audi A8 e-tron : the upcoming electric sedan

Arushi Sakhuja 
The auto sector is moving towards EV cars at a supersonic pace. While a large number of the top players have already announced EV cars, Audi is the new entrant with the electric Audi A8 sedan. While BMW and Mercedes-Benz decided to offer EV alternatives to their flagship luxury cars in the guise of the i7 and EQS, respectively, Audi is going EV-only with its next-generation A8. Due to be unveiled in 2024, the next-generation Audi A8 will feature a high-performance EV powertrain.
key moments The new electric Audi A8  
Photo Courtesy: Audi
The Audi A8 will be the flagship of a new wave of EVs built on the brand’s new PPE electric car platform co-developed with Porsche. The first to launch will be the Audi Q6 e-Tron, expected to be unveiled later this year, followed by electric versions of the Audi A4 and A6.
Audi A6 Avant e-Tron 
Photo Courtesy: Audi
The firm’s design chief, Marc Lichte, said: “The Grandsphere is a very concrete teaser. It’s not far away from what will become production. It’s not 1:1 but very close.” The concept car unveiled in 2021, Grandsphere,  is described as a private jet for the road.
The German automaker says that the system is going to be good for 750 kilometres of range on a single charge.
The interiors
Keeping comfort and luxury as the top priority, the front seats are, have the ability to fold back by up to 60deg. Although the expansive interior allows for an equally lavish set-up in the rear, where individuals can sit on a sofa-style bench with a central armrest. This being a luxury-oriented concept, the air is filtered, temperature-controlled and even scented, if required, and each passenger gets a set of speakers which are inaudible to other passengers. Between the front seats is a cooler with two glasses and a specially designed drinks bottle.


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There are no visible screens, dials or physical controls upon entry into the Grandsphere’s cabin, where designers have striven to achieve a digital detox. At 5350mm long, 2000mm wide and with a wheelbase of 3190mm, the Grandsphere is a good deal larger than even the long-wheelbase version of today’s A8.
The Audi A8 is more a four-door GT car than a traditional saloon. It features a long bonnet despite its electric underpinnings. It is also could be possible that A8 E-Tron uses cameras in place of conventional side mirrors, which would reduce. This will be one of the 20 Audi EVs coming by 2026.
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