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July 25, 2024

Phu Quoc’s new tourist attraction, Kiss Bridge

Arushi Sakhuja 
Vietnam is a hidden gem that has gained immense popularity in the recent past as a tourist destination. Among the many cities to visit Ha Long Bay and Phu Quoc are two of the most pristine and breathtaking top spots. While the unwavering views of the beachy expanse are bound to be a highlight at Phu Quoc, the city has a new attraction named the Kiss Bridge, and it surely is worth the buzz.
Opened to the public on December, 22, it is known to be Vietnam’s romantic destination, and the addition of the Kiss Bridge further enhances its aura. And this is also the newest spot for selfies! The Kiss Bridge Phu Quoc, also known as Cau Hon (which translates to proposing marriage) Phu Quoc is a picturesque bridge, designed by Italian architect Marco Casamonti and developed by Sun Group. It’s designed with inspiration from Michelangelo’s classical fresco The Creation of Adam, and the Vietnamese folklore of Nguu Lang, about two young lovers who are kept away by the Jade Emperor and only permitted to meet once a year on the O Thuoc Bridge.
Photo Courtesy: Sun Group/ Facebook
A key highlight is that it offers a stunning view of the Vietnamese sunset while overlooking the vast ocean. The Kiss Bridge, located in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, is a spectacular sight to behold. The bridge’s two arches are precisely calculated to create a stunning view – every January 1, the sun descends gracefully between them, making it one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the world.
At the Inauguration Ceremony, Mr Huynh Quang Hung, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Phu Quoc, praised the bridge, calling it a true masterpiece that blends artistry and construction. The bridge tips are made of ultra-clear glass, which offers an exceptional 96% transparency, giving the glass an almost invisible quality.
Photo Courtesy: Sun Group/ Facebook
The pedestrian Kiss Bridge aims to replicate the success of Da Nang’s Golden Bridge and is located in Phu Quoc Island’s Sunset Town. This new architectural wonder spans 800 metres and features two arches that almost meet in the middle, standing just 30 centimetres apart. In the years to come this man-made wonder will hone the title of the most romantic spot in town. Just as Golden Bridge in Da Nang stole the hearts of the world in 2018, the newly opened Kiss Bridge on Phu Quoc Island is expected to become another phenomenon for global travellers.

Arushi Sakhuja


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