Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Ashwin Rajagopalan
This year Apple unveiled four iPhones as part of its iPhone 12 family. The 12 Pro Max is not just the tallest sibling, but also the most formidable iPhone device ever. Many customers who opt for Apple’s biggest iPhone usually just buy it because it’s the most expensive iPhone out there. Bespoke smartphone brands like Vertu have all but disappeared, the Pro Max models have become the new objects of desire for those who like to flaunt their smartphones. But this year’s Pro Max smartphone is more than just a status symbol; it’s also the smartphone camera to beat.
Apple iPhone 12 Mini
Apple iPhone 12 Mini
You’ll have to go back to 2016 and the iPhone 7 for a differentiated camera system between the regular iPhone and the Plus device. That year Apple kitted the iPhone 7 Plus with a dual cam. It wasn’t just those who were seeking more screen real estate or a robust battery who made the switch. We’re likely to see a similar trend play out this year. At 228 gm, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is no lightweight but Apple’s new flat-edge design makes it easier to clasp. It’s one reason why many users (me included) will consider the switch to the larger iPhone.
Just like 12 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is finished in surgical grade stainless steel. We checked out our favourite Pacific Blue variant with its shimmering blue rim and it feels every inch premium. Apple has stretched the display to 6.7-inches with the same heft and almost the same height as last year’s 11 Pro Max. The 12 Pro Max manages this with thinner bezels. Colours are vibrant on the 6.7-inch XDR OLED display (1170 x 2778 pixels / 19.5:9 ratio / 458 PPI). It isn’t just a great binge-watching screen but also great or work on the go – more screen for those Excel spreadsheets and more keyboard room when you type those long emails.

No surprises here, we experienced a 20% better battery life (vis-à-vis the 12 Pro) in our tests. You won’t have to worry about reaching out for the charger by the end of the day even with considerable camera usage and catching videos on your iPhone. It’s probably the best battery performance I’ve experienced on any iPhone.
It’s the triple rear camera that’s the big differentiator. The iPhone 12 Pro Max goes one up on the 12 Pro with significant enhancements. A new ƒ/1.6 aperture on the wide camera, a larger sensor (47 percent larger) with 1.7μm pixels and an innovative sensor-shift OIS system (that reduces camera shake) are among the key highlights in the 12 Pro Max. The cam also scores over the 12 Pro with its a 65 mm focal length Telephoto camera for increased flexibility with closer shots and tighter crops. You get a 2.5X optical zoom (vs 2X on the 12 Pro).
Sample image shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max (Image courtesy - Apple)
Sample image shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max (Image courtesy – Apple)
The iPhone 12 Pro Max isn’t just for those who want the most formidable iPhone – the bigger display and battery life are a given. If you’re a camera buff or take your Instagram feed seriously, the 12 Pro Max is worth considering for the camera alone. The difference is particularly marked over last year’s 11 Pro devices. The iPhone 12 Pro Max widens the gap over the competition on the camera front this year. The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes in silver, graphite, gold and pacific blue and starts at Rs 1,29,900.


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