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June 19, 2024

Rolls-Royce’s mystery car: Do you have it in you to decode Wraith Kryptos’ secret message?

The Rolls-Royce Collection Car is created to capture clients’ imagination and to offer a bespoke experience. The latest offering by the British automaker is the Wraith Kryptos Collection.

This 50-car collection, as per the luxury carmaker, chronicles greatest Rolls-Royces ever built. The name Kryptos is derived from ancient Greek, which refers to all that is concealed. The car pays homage to the clandestine world of cryptology and an inquiring mind.

On each Wraith Kryptos is a coded message denoted by cyphers, developed in absolute secrecy in Goodwood, Rolls-Royce’s home.
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“The name Kryptos is derived from ancient Greek, referring to something unseen, hidden and coded, mythical even. As a designer, I’ve always been fascinated by the notion that you can communicate messages that are understood by only an elite few, using symbols, pictograms, and cyphers,” said Katrin Lehmann, Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer in a press statement.

She adds that finding the key becomes integral to appreciating the full meaning of an item that can, otherwise, be viewed simply as a work of art. Keeping this in mind, the collection incorporates a labyrinth of complex cyphers into its façade.
These cyphers appear on the surface at least to be an alluring design purely for aesthetic purposes, devoid of any discernible pattern.
However, if one looks closer, it becomes an experience that leads to an enlightening conclusion.
Delphic Grey, a bespoke exterior hue consisting of a solid Anthracite base colour has a hidden effect—only in sunlight do the blue and green mica flakes appear.
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This effect is accentuated by a handpainted double Coachline—upper being painted in the newly developed Kryptos Green, while the lower acts as a shadow in Dark Grey. Both depicting clues relating to the interior code.

Inside, stepping over the illuminated treadplates, the cypher evolves deep into the fabric of the motor car. In perhaps the most apparent clue, elements of the cypher are embroidered into Wraith’s headrests, where usually the ‘double-R’ emblem is embossed.

For the driver’s amusement, an interesting screenprint flows across the metal fascia, spanning the width of the interior.

The company has taken the idea of secrecy extremely seriously! The code is so secret that only two people at Rolls-Royce know the messages—the designer and the CEO. The answer has been placed in a sealed envelope, in the safe of the CEO at West Sussex.
Car owners will be invited to submit their efforts at cracking the code through the members-only Rolls-Royce Application called Whispers.

The collection features a beautifully elaborate, bi-coloured headliner depicting an in-motion data-stream inspired motif, in line with the cypher theme.
Rolls-Royce’s ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ that graces the bonnet, too, has an engraving with green enamel detailing.
The cypher is placed on the base of the figurine. The bumper is recrafted in a way that the gesture and the posture of the figurine look different; giving this collection an identity of its own.
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