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February 28, 2024

Stranger & Sons bags gold medal at The Spirit Business awards

By: Anushka Manik
The renowned Indian Gin label, Stranger & Sons recently unveiled its latest limited edition creation – the Sherry Cask Aged Gin which has received a lot of critical acclaim for more reasons than one. Within a mere 45 days of its launch, this exceptional spirit bagged a gold medal at the Spirit Business awards at the Design and Packaging Masters 2023. It has garnered widespread acclaim, capturing the attention not only of consumers throughout India but also attracting a dedicated following from enthusiasts in the USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai, and beyond.
The gin itself presents a velvety yet hearty character with unexpectedly sweet undertones. Aged for more than a year in former Amontillado and Oloroso Sherry casks and enhanced with Cascara and Wild Honey, it embodies a spirit that honours the journey of time, merging modern distillation with the virtue of maturation. To enhance the drinking pleasure, the gin is accompanied by a Grapefruit Garnish Spray, introducing a captivating burst of zest that harmonises effortlessly with the beverage.
Image Courtesy: Stranger & Sons
Speaking on the topic of the Stranger & Sons Sherry Cask Aged Gin, Kunal Chopra, who serves as the Head of Marketing and Innovations at Third Eye Distillery, remarked, “From the start, we set out to build a spirit brand out of India that could make its mark globally and stun consumers all over the world with its liquid and design that is also a fitting representation of India. Stranger & Sons has continuously championed the idea that the product’s story doesn’t end with the liquid inside the bottle; rather, it begins with the first glance at its captivating label and packaging that makes for a lasting impression in a consumer’s mind; This thought is in line with our brand’s perseverance of storytelling through our product. We consistently strive to showcase India from a contemporary lens to the world, where our commitment to crafting exceptional liquid is mirrored by an equally compelling design and storytelling narrative. Our packaging isn’t just a vessel; it’s an invitation to delve deeper into the very essence of our brand, mirroring the intricacies and nuances of our country that make our product an immersive experience. At Stranger & Sons, exceptional packaging and design parallels our dedication to crafting extraordinary spirits; We believe in crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting our consumers to savour not just the exquisite liquid within but also the intricate storytelling woven into every detail of our design.”
Image Courtesy: Stranger & Sons
Since its establishment in 2018, Stranger & Sons has spearheaded the transformation and upheaval of the Indian spirits scene, consistently delivering spirits of outstanding quality that echo on a global scale. Recognized at IWSC in 2020 as one of the top 8 gins worldwide with a prestigious Gold Outstanding Medal, the brand has continued to secure numerous accolades in various categories at international competitions. Some of these award-winning gins include Trading Tides, a collaboration with Australia’s Four Pillars Gin, and the iconic Perry Road Peru, India’s pioneer distilled cocktail created in partnership with The Bombay Canteen.
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Anushka Manik


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