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May 21, 2024

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Sustainable vacation wear for an eco-conscious summer

Missed Earth Day on the 22nd this month? No problem! Everyday is an opportunity to do something towards conserving the world we live in! As we look ahead to a summer filled with sun and adventure, let’s not forget our commitment to sustainability. From elegant beach dresses to versatile tops, we’ve curated a selection that lets you enjoy the season guilt-free. Let’s make this summer one to remember, in fashion that’s kind to the earth.

No Nasties

Image from No Nasties wesbite

No Nasties’ vacation attire collection offers lightweight, breezy garments perfect for scorching summer days. Featuring kaftans, sarongs, shirts, dresses, and tank tops in vibrant hues, their range boasts organic cotton dyed with herbal and natural extracts.

This ethical brand doesn’t stop at fashion; they actively offset the carbon footprint of every piece of clothing through investments in solar power, wind energy, forest conservation, and reforestation. Their collaboration with Green Story, an independent life-cycle analysis platform, ensures transparency and accountability in evaluating each product’s environmental impact, including supply chain intricacies, material composition, and fabric usage.

You can visit their website to see more.

The Terra Tribe

Image from The Terra Tribe website

The Terra Tribe’s earthy tones complement its durable fabric beautifully. Vacation wear here is not its own category but even one look at its website presents a number of options for a coastal getaway, often paired with natural fibre cane bags and hats.

Distinguished by its commitment to sustainability, Terra Tribe incorporates Tencel, a renewable fabric, into its collections, supporting local industries and reducing its carbon footprint. Their clothing designs also make use of recycled metal trims. Terra Tribe offers a timeless range that defies passing trends, creating garments that are crafted for longevity. Blending enduring style with environmental mindfulness, Terra Tribe pushes fashion to become a declaration of both aesthetic and ecological awareness.

You can visit their website to see more.

Lost My Accent

Image from Lost My Accent website

Lost My Accent’s resort wear is a stunning collection inspired by island ge­taways. It offers a sustainable escape­ for style-conscious travellers. Their shirts are patterned, comfortable and fit for a preppy summer holiday.

Lost My Accent achie­ves sustainability through several ke­y practices. First, they prioritise e­thical sourcing of materials, guaranteeing fair tre­atment of workers. Secondly, the­y use natural and organic fabrics like cotton and linen. The­se breathable mate­rials feel luxurious and have le­ss environmental impact than synthetics. Finally, Lost My Acce­nt actively reduces waste­, including using recycled packaging materials. By focusing on these­ important sustainability practices, Lost My Accent offers a way to e­njoy island vibes without guilt. They belie­ve that looking and feeling good go toge­ther, and that includes taking care of the­ planet.

You can visit their website to see more.


Image from Okhai website

Okhai’s co-ord sets make for the perfect heritage sight attire with bold South Asian prints and flared silhouettes. You can almost picture yourself walking in and out of Rajasthani palaces, adorned in their hand-bllock printed kalamkari designs.

Beyond fashion, Okhai serves as a catalyst for positive change, offering meticulously crafted clothing and lifestyle products handmade by talented rural artisans nationwide. Their mission extends far beyond style, aiming to empower female artisans from underprivileged rural backgrounds. Through fair wages and dignified employment, Okhai empowers these women to enhance their economic and social status within their communities. This commitment to social impact shines through in their intricately detailed garments, which burst with a kaleidoscope of colours.

You can visit their website to see more.


Image from Ilamra website

Ilamra’s vacation attire embodies youthfulness, fun, and ease. Their ‘Midnight Frangipani’ is the perfect evening dress for holiday dinners following a day of poolside relaxation in their charming ‘Half and Half Resort Dress’ featuring an adorable turtle print fabric.

As a champion of slow fashion, Ilamra prides itself on using organic cotton and sustainable, traditional techniques in garment production. Blending Indian craftsmanship with Western influences, their collection exudes a cheerful and carefree vibe. What distinguishes Ilamra is its nature-inspired prints, carefully curated to bring joy to each piece, from tiered dresses adorned with peppercorn motifs to crop tops and jumpsuits featuring sea turtle themes and bee-and-flower embroidery. Particularly noteworthy are their pieces incorporating mismatched, upcycled fabrics, adding an eclectic flair to their lineup.

You can visit their website to see more.

B Label by Bombay Hemp Company

Image from B Label website

The co-ord sets by the B Label stand a stark yet perfectly balanced contrast with those from Okhai. Here, the bold, earthy prints are replaced by soft, linen in pastels like sky blue, cream and pink, making them the most stylish for a dream euro vacation. You can almost picture yourself walking down a cobbled street in Italy or France in their buttoned vest ‘Serene Top’ paired with ‘Aerial Shorts’ or ‘Tranquil Pants’.

As an extension of the innovative Bombay Hemp Company, B Label emerges to leverage the unparalleled strength and durability of hemp fabric, surpassing conventional cotton. B Label brings forth a collection that seamlessly champions sustainability with its remarkable ability to resist UV rays and replenish the soil. B Label takes on the challenge of altering the negative perception of hemp, aiming to unravel its true potential as a sustainable textile. The brand stands as a testament to the transformative power of fashion in reshaping narratives and fostering a more eco-friendly wardrobe.

You can visit their website to see more.


Image from Sui website

Sui’s maxi dresses are unique and stylish – its fabrics made entirely by hand from spinning the fibres to weaving it into a finished cloth – all created by Indian artisans. Noteworthy options to look out for are the ‘Changing Seasons Handwoven Maxi Dress’ and the ‘Golden Garden Lyocell Maxi Dress’.

Partnering with vetted NGOs in India, Sui empowers underprivileged women in the handloom sector. Their creations, treated with herbal dyes and crafted from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and hemp, reflect a commitment to both style and sustainability. From chic dresses to embroidered jackets, Sui seamlessly merges fashion with purpose, making each piece a statement of empowerment and slow fashion’s lasting impact on communities.

You can visit their website to see more.


Image from Nicobar website

Much like Sui, Nicobar’s maxi dresses – scoop backs, halter necks, tie up straps – are a must have for a sustainable vacation suitcase. Beyond dresses their shirts and overlays are great additions for a sunny trip and can be styled wonderfully with beachwear.

Nicobar, renowned for its mindfulness, selects organic cotton, recycled wool, and cupro modal to craft timeless clothing. This eco-conscious label prioritises responsible manufacturing, striving to minimize waste and carbon footprint. Whether it’s a classic white shirt, a versatile dress, or impeccably tailored separates, Nicobar transforms each piece into more than just clothing; they become timeless, wearable art.

You can visit their website to see more.

I Was A Sari

Image from I Was A Sari Instagram

The skirts and pants at I Was A Sari are experimental, stylish and fun, dabbling in patchwork, unique prints and bright colours. This bottom wear can be dressed either up or down with the wide range of tunics, blouses and shirts available on their website.

The brand revitalises used saris and deadstock fabrics, transforming them into vibrant, contemporary products with global appeal. This innovative approach not only revitalizes discarded textiles but also bridges the timeless elegance of traditional Indian attire with today’s dynamic trends. I Was A Sari showcases the transformative power of fashion, seamlessly merging threads from the past with the possibilities of the present.

You can visit their website to see more.


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