Karl Fernandes and Akshit Sharma from Tesouro
Photo Courtesy:Nara Thai, Colaba
Arushi Sakhuja 
If you thought there was nothing exciting to look forward to in Mumbai this weekend, you’re mistaken! To celebrate the opening of its new downstairs bar, Nara Thai, Tesouro is collaborating with the Colaba eatery. Tesouro is Asia’s 4th and India’s number one best bar. In their very first bar takeover in the city they will come to Nara Thai on May 27.
Nara Thai is known for its authentic age-old Thai cuisine that blends perfectly with the casual ambience. Finely presented food that bursts with flavour, it is a speciality at this restaurant. Tesouro, based in South Goa, has been ranked as Asia’s 4th best bar at Asia’s 50 Best Bars event in Bangkok. The casual bar with Goan-Portuguese design elements was opened amid the pandemic in 2020 and is known for its delectable cocktail menu.
Nara Thai Colaba
Photo Courtesy: Nara Thai India
Nara Thai Colaba
Photo Courtesy: Nara Thai India
Speaking on the collaboration Karyna Bajaj, Executive Director KA Hospitality shared, “The downstairs bar at Nara Colaba was created with a vision of collaboration. The idea has always been to offer a unique experience to our customers – whether it was Bangkok’s Bamboo Bar to now, Goa’s Tesouro. Tesouro’s eclectic signature cocktails will beautifully complement our selection of Thai offerings at Nara.” 
esouro by Firefly Goa
Photo Courtesy: Tesouro by Firefly/ Instagram
Having led various bar takeovers across India Karl Fernandes and Akshit Sharma will be taking over the bar. Their signature cocktails such as Midnight Brekkie will complement the food at Nara Thai. The popup aims at a Goan-pub experience. The downstairs bar will sail through Tesouro’s playlist.
Karl Fernandes and Akshit Sharma from Tesouro
Photo Courtesy:Nara Thai, Colaba
Nara Thai India
Photo Courtesy: Nara Thai India / Instagram
But the major attraction will be their signature cocktail, Midnight Brekkie. The team at Tesouro initially started selling the drink by the bottle for people who needed cocktails during the lockdown. 8 months later in Goa, this became their most sought after cocktail!
Akshit Sharma from Tesouro
Photo Courtesy: Nara Thai India
But what makes this tipple a favourite is the flavour profile that resembles a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, said Karl and Akshit. ” It contains Gin, Watermelon, Strawberry Compote, Peanut Butter, a little Bianco and Acids to balance out. People immediately think that it’s gonna be something a little too sweet, but it’s a well-balanced cocktail. It does take a little bit of prep but honestly, it’s an easy cocktail to dish out during operations,” they further added.  
You can also expect to find cocktails like Amazonia, a vodka infused drink with lychee, palosanto, malic acid and sparkling wine; Boulevard of Unbroken Dreams served in an old fashioned glass with a blend of bourbon, apricot, sweet-vermouth, amaretto and campari and Paloma Cantina a refreshing tequila-based cocktail with hibiscus, grapefruit juice, grapefruit cordial, line and soda.
Midnight Brekkie Cocktail, Nara Thai
Photo Courtesy:Nara Thai, Colaba
“For us, creativity is a constantly evolving process and something new is always in the books. Though our focus is more on hospitality and vibe we pay keen attention to new flavours and ingredients, from foraging to acquiring new elements to work with. The best way to try them out is to come to the bar,” further added the duo.
So this Friday, block your calendars as Fernandes and Sharma from Tesouro take over Nara Thai’s Downstairs bar.
Where: Amar Chand Mansion, Madame Cama Rd, Dr Ambedkar Statue Chowk Area, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
When: May 27
What’s special: The Midnight Brekkie Cocktail (Tesouro’s signature cocktail) | Nara Thai’s first bar takeover
Time: 8pm onwards until closing
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