The best artisanal cheeses made in India  

Ruhi Gilder
Picture this: A chilly Sunday evening, watching the sunset with a bottle of red wine and platter of cheese, isn’t that what dreams are made of? 
Fratelli Wines has launched a collection of cheeses that match perfectly with their full-bodied wines. With a growing market for handcrafted products made in India, here’s presenting a selection of the best artisanal cheeses for every palate 
Fratelli Cheese  
Wine producer Fratelli launches a selection of cheeses in association with Käse, a Chennai-based company. The cheeses include a Syrah rinsed Gusto, buttery cheese with hints of mushroom. Try a Chenin Rinsed Sunburst that pairs well with their in-house Sangiovese Bianco, Chenin Blanc, and Chardonnay. Last, but certainly not the least, is the unique Sangiovese Lead Aged Cheddarg, a combination of cheddar and Cornish Yarg, wrapped in homegrown Sangiovese leaves, left to age for up to five months. 
Started in 2014, Eleftheria Cheese makes European-inspired cheese classics. Their quality milk is sourced from a fully automated, single-herd cow dairy farm close to Mumbai. Cut open their authentically made Burrata and witness the descent of an oozy cream laden with different textures. Their Chèvre (goat cheese) balls marinated in olive oil and herbs taste great with crackers and crostini. 
Spotted Cow Fromagerie 
This creamery makes small batches of 100% vegetarian and preservative-free cheese. The fact that it iBombay-based ievident in the titles of the cheeses, like Tomme De Bombai, based on the classic French Tomme De SavoieBombrie, which is their version of the deliciously soft gooey brie 
Himalayan Cheese 
These are natural, artisanal cheese manufactured in Kashmir, using fresh Himalayan milk. They make a variety of cheeses, but the real star of the show is Kalari, a traditional ripened cheese product indigenous to Kashmir. It is made by the Gujjar shepherds and is slightly stretchy, dense and has a mozzarella-like flavour.  
Begum Victoria  
Bangalore residents rejoice! Explore Begum Victoria’s unusual collection of cheeses from Havarti, Denmark’s semi-soft and extremely buttery cheese infused with dill to the Begum Victoria Fontina. Originally from the Valle d’Aosta, this Fontina has savoury and sweet flavours and a nutty texture.  

At your next wine & cheese party, try these: 
Pinot Noir + Gruyere  
Sauvignon Blanc + Goat Cheese 
Champagne + Brie 
Rosé + Havarti 

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