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April 20, 2024

The best luxury yoga retreats in India

Pratishtha Rana

More than a momentary trend, Yog or yoga, as they call it, is a lifestyle that keeps your emotional, spiritual and physical state of being in check. Its early mentions have been found in Rigveda and was first practised around 5,000 years ago in Indus-Sarasvati civilisation in North India.
After this stressful pandemic time ends, check-in at these relaxing, idyllic yoga retreats to heal yourself.
Amanbagh Resort by Aman
Where: Rajasthan

In Rajasthan’s Alwar district, well-being is coupled seamlessly with luxury, at the regal abode that Amanbagh is. The property offers a detailed yoga programme, which begins with a 60-min consultation with an Ayurvedic physician, who helps to frame a balanced itinerary for every day. Private/group yoga and movement sessions, spa, meditation, sunrise walks and sattvic diet and more cover the gamut of the minimum 4-night stay here.
Ananda in the Himalaya
Where: Rishikesh

Perched on the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda is a popular getaway for yoga lovers from around the world. At this retreat, the guests are exposed to a spectacular environment along with a very focused program on yoga and asanas. The experienced instructors help you to chart out a personalised yoga and meditation programme including Hathaluding yoga, Gatyatmak yoga, Kriya yoga, yoga nidra and advanced pranayama to strike a balance between mental and physical health and spiritual well-being.
Aura Spa Retreat
Where:  North Goa

A luxury wellness boutique tucked away in a quaint village of Mandrem in North Goa, Aura is a dreamy abode to indulge in yoga practices. It believes in healing through the power of nature, and the retreat sitting amidst stretches of Goan forest orchard is a testimony to that. Along with its well-furnished rooms, two private yoga shalas and yogi instructors, one has access to its outdoor pool, spa centre, café and kitchen staff as well. Aura also assists trained yog gurus to guide you with a personally tailored experience.
SwaSwara by CGH earth Group
Where: Gokarna, Karnataka

As the waves of the Arabian Sea hit the shore of Om beach in Gokarna, a soothing silence and rhythm of nature take over SwaSwara, a wellness retreat by the beach in Gokarna. A perfect couple or a solo escape to SwaSwara will introduce you to their yoga sessions. The in-property yoga schedule includes asanas, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation rounds.
The Oberoi Wildflower Hall
Where: Shimla

Nature heals the soul. Wildflower Hall by the luxury hotel chain The Oberoi offers its visitors a chance to become one with the stunning surroundings of mountains, pine and cedar trees. Add to it therapeutic sessions of yoga, which can be experienced by a beginner and a master. Tailored to individual needs, wellness experts guide each guest through breathing and meditation techniques, stretching, asana postures and Sanskrit mantras.
Where: Uttarakhand

Vana, which means ‘forest’ in Hindi is a tranquil retreat for those who wish to begin or advance their journey into a mindful, spiritual lifestyle. Located in Dehradun in North India, Vana introduces you to yoga in its purest, most disciplined form. Yoga mentors guide you through aasan, pranayam and dhyan in group and individual sessions to achieve mental strength and structural healing. With around 82 rooms and suites, Vana is also home to three yoga studios, a wellness centre, Ayurveda centre, Tibetan Healing centre, pool and spa.


Pratishtha Rana


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