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June 21, 2024

The new Dalgona trend: Dalgona Whiskey

The lockdown has been a strain for everyone, but this is also the time when people are exploring their creativity. For over a week now, the Dalgona Coffee has taken over the internet, and people across the world have been whisking the cocoa rigorously to make the perfect Korean beverage.  

The coffee, though is now passé, as Dalgona Whiskey is creating a storm. #DalgonaWhiskey has been trending and giving the good old whiskey a twist. Many liquor enthusiasts have been sharing their versions of it. 

Spoiler alert: Dologna peg has no coffee in it! You need a glass, some whiskey, chilled water and a clean piece of cloth to make this peg. 
1. Fill 60 per cent of the glass with chilled water.
2. Take a piece of clean cloth and cover the rim of the glass. Ensure that the centre of the fabric touches the water.
3. Then slowly, pour the whiskey into it.



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