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The homegrown beauty brand, Kama Ayurveda, is well known for its varied range of natural skin and hair products. Whilst most of us are splurging on the newest drops by the brand — or some cult favourites — we have some news for you. Kama Ayurveda has gone further and opened its first experience centre at its store in Ambience Mall, Gurugram. Nestled inside the store the experience centre is a small space with head massages, facials and hair treatments using exclusive Kama Ayurveda products.
Kama Ayurveda
Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
Being the first of its kind in Delhi NCR, upon entering I was directed to a consultation room where my skin type was assessed. Following that, I was advised the 60 minutes Yuva treatment which is a treatment for youthful and clear skin and the 90-minute Keshkriti hair treatment. I was then taken to the experience centre where the ambience was soothing. Large mirrors with a golden frame and reclining chairs upholstered in dark green caught my attention. A pleasing visual impact was created by the walls that were painted with a tropical theme. The minimalistic colour palette of white, black and made me feel close to nature. Mogra flowers were decorated in brass vases on the dressers. Finally the zig-zag black and white tiles added immensely to the aura of the space.
Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram consultation room
Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
I began my experience with a foot scrub and then moved into the spa room for the Yuva treatment. Upon entering the lights were dimmed and soothing music was played to set the mood. This is specially curated to address skin concerns like breakouts and blemishes.  A deep cleansing treatment, it is used to remove impurities and pollutants that cause damage to the skin over time. The treatment began with a deep facial cleanse. It is followed by a face massage with the Organic Sweet Almond Oil, rich in Vitamins A & E, which nourishes and improves complexion while reviving the natural glow of delicate, irritated and sensitive skin types. Then Amethyst crystals jade rollers are used to heal and restore the skin. The last step involves the use of the Nimrah face pack with key ingredients such as vetiver, ashwagandha, red sandalwood and liquorice that works as a treatment for acne, pimples and blemishes. While the pack was on, I even opted for a 10-minute relaxing foot massage that made me feel more rejuvenated.
Foot scrub at Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
Treatment room Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
The key highlight of the treatment for me was the gentle touch of the therapist, each stroke was soft and soothing and did not irritate my skin. Finally, after the treatment I could feel my skin glow, my skin felt tighter and the pore size felt reduced. Even two days after the treatment I did not have any breakout, rather my acne seemed to have settled. And honestly, I haven’t experienced this in a while!
Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram details
Then I moved on to a 90-minute hair treatment to tackle my frizzy hair. The treatment starts with a deep massage of the scalp with the Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Hair Oil,  a relaxing head massage and the scalp is steamed with a warm towel. After leaving on the oil for 15-20 minutes, a freshly made hair pack with nourishing local herbs was applied. The pack is known to enhance the quality, texture and strength of your hair while providing deep conditioning and smoothening. For the next results, the pack was left on for 15 minutes and was followed by a hair wash and a rough blow dry. Going with the natural touch, my hair was not styled, but rather left in its natural form and I loved it! My hair felt softer and shone. Although my frizz was not tamed completely, my hair definitely felt a lot more hydrated.
Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
Keshkriti Kama Ayurveda Experience Centre Gurugram
When it comes to service, you can expect a hospitable team and adding further to the experience was a warm cup of green tea between the services.
So, if you’re looking for some R&R while you’re out on a shopping spree, or are simply a Kama Ayurveda fan, don’t miss out on the experience centre. They have a plethora of choices to suit every skin concern. The other 60-minute therapies include Navya for age repairing and revitalizing; Gauri for brightening and deep cleansing; Ujjwala for glowing skin; Rudra a deep cleansing and brightening treatment for men; Padabhyanga which is a foot massage and finally a relaxing neck and head massage Shirobhyanga.
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