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June 23, 2024

Bookmark this farmhouse by Essentia Environments for your next holiday home design inspiration

Pratishtha Rana

A dreamy getaway does not necessarily have to be a foreign destination. It can also be a quick, relaxing trip somewhere closer home, much like a cosy holiday or a weekend home. In the selected pool of some of the most premier Indian interior design firms is Essentia Environments, since 1999, known for tailoring ultra-luxurious decor and interior experiences for its clients. Founded by Hardesh and Monica Chawla, the brand has a vast portfolio of residential and commercial projects done in India, Dubai and Moscow.
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Essentia Environments
Farmhouse in Kundli by Essentia Environments
One such lavish vacation property designed by Essentia Environments is in Kundli, near Delhi. A sprawling 6,300 sq.ft farmhouse surrounded by verdant views and lush gardenscape, this abode is as palatial in its interiors as the exteriors.

The entire space translates into modern luxury, where the use of matte wood and glossy marble provide a solid contrast. Every corner of the house looks spacious and uncluttered.
Muted, warm colours such as powder mint green, blue, grey, white and cream complement the interiors, whereas in some places the exotic lighting is the star component. This shot of the bedroom reveals a plump, fleecy bed with an upholstered bench in front.
A look at the range of the accent furniture reveals the central theme of this posh property; sophisticated, minimal and a perfect conversation starter. From comfortable sofas with an elevated backrest to metallic-framed tables and strategically placed arty mirrors, home décor inspiration here is abundant.
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Colossal floor-to-ceiling windows and funky, unconventional wall artworks, too, break the monotony to bring a refreshing design language.
The Kundli farmhouse also boasts of a signature spa and master bathroom with a cascading jacuzzi that makes for the perfect spot to hit the unwind button. The outdoor pool amidst the greenery adds to this experience too!

Huge disc-shaped stairway on the outside leads to the rooftop, set with white mesh-patterned furniture pieces and aesthetic pots and planters.



Pratishtha Rana


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