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June 14, 2024

Airbnb travel report 2021’s top trends are remote working and travel pods

According to Airbnb’s latest survey conducted in the US, 47 per cent of the 1,010 people said that they daydream about travel every day. These are the ones currently working from home due to Covid-19.
But amidst this tumultuous impact of the pandemic felt worldwide, a new crop of travellers has risen. Airbnb reveals it all in its travel trend report for 2021 – accounted on basis of the survey and analysis of next year’s booking data.

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Work from anywhere
Out of those surveyed, 83 per cent are in favour of relocating. In fact, one in five of the respondents has already moved to a new location, either temporarily or permanently, since the onset of the pandemic.

60 per cent of parents may likely consider working remotely and travelling along with their children, if their schools continue to be shut. Predictably, Gen Z and young millennials are the most in favour of working or studying remotely.
On Airbnb, people are booking for two-week trips or longer than that. Access to idyllic natural surroundings and wide open areas remains top preferences. From July to September this year, Airbnb has seen a 128 per cent surge in guest reviews, who’ve mentioned terms such as ‘relocation’, ‘relocate’, ‘remote work’ and ‘trying a new neighborhood’, in comparison to last year.
Domestic travel within driving distance
In light of the uncertainty in international travel, 62 per cent of respondents want to take a vacation within driving distance of their homes. In comparison to 2020, last year, Paris, London and Rome remained popular cities in the wishlist of the travellers. But in 2021, nearby locations like national parks, winter ski and beach towns will be the hotspots.
Airbnb travel trends for 2021
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But domestic travel does not mean boring, monotonous stays. Travellers are constantly seeking exciting and engaging experiences by staying in unique Airbnb homes. In the US, the trending living spaces include barns, treehouses, cabins, cottages, cycladic homes and domes, which are focussed on producing less waste and energy.
Airbnb travel trends for 2021
Photo: Unsplash
Rise of pod travel – a group of two or more living together
The last few months, people have been constantly feeling isolated, living far from their close ones. About 85 per cent people in the survey said they want to relocate to live close to family. A strong 61 per cent of under-50-year-olds are willing to shift home permanently to be in proximity of their loved ones.
Travelling on Airbnb have wishlisted homes, with topic titles, including family, three times more than last year.
Airbnb travel trends 2021
Photo: Airbnb
This trend also includes people who wish to quarantine with a group (aka pod) of friends, to stay safe and socially distanced from the rest of the social crowd. On Airbnb, more than half of the trips searched for 2021, include three or more people, indicating that people wish to travel together, instead of solo trips.
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