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June 21, 2024

XTURISMO, the world’s first flying motorcycle

Arushi Sakhuja
If you thought the world would stop after creating a flying car you are mistaken, it seems like traffic in the sky is going to increase immensely in the coming years. While people have dreamt of flying cars, artists and movies have expressed the common human desire for such an item time and again. AERWINS, an aircraft manufacturer, has created the world’s first flying bike called XTURISMO. According to the company’s website, it is a novel form of transportation that is being touted as the world’s first flying bike. And no, this is not a fairytale, the flying motorbike has been officially launched in Japan at a cost of nearly US$ 555,000. 


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A futuristic vehicle that brings science fiction to life, the motorbike is powered by electricity and is designed to be an elevated version of a road bike. With their ambition to turn sci-fi stories into reality, the startup has deliberately kept the design resembling a dystopian spacecraft. 
Photo Courtesy: XTURISMO / Instagram
Flying bike XTURISMO
Photo Courtesy: AERWINS
The XTURISMO, is a 12-foot-long luxury air cruiser inspired by the Star Wars universe. Weighing 300 kg, this vehicle is powered by two large central rotors powered by a gas-fuelled Kawasaki motor generating 228 horsepower. It is equipped with an electric battery that powers four fans located at the outer edges of the vehicle, providing additional stability during the ride. The internal combustion engine and batteries allow the bike to fly for up to 40 minutes at a speed of up to 99 km per hour.  
Photo Courtesy: XTURISMO / Instagram
Adding a layer of safety. to avoid any accidents, the startup has equipped the bike with 3D control systems, air-route designs, and mapping controls and has added sensors to detect any hurdles while travelling in the sky. The motorcycle also has a dedicated app to ensure riders are always up to date with their vehicle’s health and position. AERWINS CEO Shuhei Komatsu said, “Our vision is to become the leading company in the Air Mobility Eco-Sci System. We aim to be unique in the air mobility industry by developing a comprehensive business approach that includes hardware, software, and services.”  
flying bike
Photo Courtesy: AERWINS
Can we say that XTURISMO is just what we were dreaming of? We’d say YES!  
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Arushi Sakhuja


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