7 homegrown streetwear brands you need in your wardrobe

Jade Crasto
Streetwear has evolved from its origins in the skate and surf culture of Los Angeles to become a global phenomenon. Streetwear has become vital, including aspects from Japanese street culture, hip hop fashion, and ’80s street art, to the point that it’s even regarded modern haute couture.  And, while companies like Supreme and Adidas have made their mark, it’s about time we looked to local streetwear labels for inspiration. For the past several years, Indian streetwear labels and multi-brand platforms have been developing and growing. What distinguishes them is the portrayal of Indian culture and beauty in the designs they have created. Indian streetwear brands tackle various subcultures, concepts, and personas in our own nation while preserving the visual appeal and overall mood of western streetwear. Here are some of India’s most exciting streetwear businesses right now.
Photo Courtesy: Pinterest/ Strange
The brand’s heart is conceptualization. They think that every piece of clothing has a story to tell, and that those stories should be significant and thought-provoking. To guarantee that their gear not only looks amazing but also serves a function, the crew spends endless hours brainstorming, developing concepts, and conceptualising.
Stamp Duty
Photo Courtesy: Stamp Duty
STAMP DUTY is a conceptual examination of contemporary forms inspired by antique Indian aesthetics. Jay Mehta founded the Mumbai-based street-inspired, gender neutral, slow fashion label in 2022. The label’s design philosophy is intuitive and diverse, informed by a love of culture, art, music, visual aesthetics, and the ordinary. Using fine, chosen materials, each piece is personally created, size inclusive, and manufactured in-house by local craftsmen.
Photo Courtesy: SIX5SIX
SIX5SIX STREET is a genuine fusion of culture and everyday life. The idea of this brand is based on raw expression and sincerity. Siblings Avni and Ambar Aneja, founded the brand with the goal of expressing themselves through fashion. They believe that expression is important, and fashion is their preferred vehicle for expressing themselves and creating culture, thoughts, and music.
Photo Courtesy: HUEMN
HUEMN is an award-winning RTW fashion line from India that sells in India, the Middle East, China, Japan, Europe, and the United States of America. HUEMN,  pronounced human, DNA is youthful and vibrant, emphasizing both relevance and accountability. It was co-founded in 2012 by Pranav Misra and Shyma Shetty. The label offers items and graphics that strive to stir thinking and encourage dialogue, with an ethos that is enhanced with diverse aesthetics and schools of thought, voices in our communities, cultural crosscurrents, and a continually shifting story.
Photo Courtesy: Jaywalking
Jaywalking is a fashion house that focuses on streetwear. It is an established business thanks to the creator and creative director Jay Jajal’s passion in architecture, conceptualization, photography, craftsmanship, and working with craftsmen. Gender-fluid, men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, and custom-made apparel are all available from the fashion enterprise. Jay Jajal’s distinctive style defines the collections. The Indian brand was one of the first of its sort in the country to build a specialized market.  The style of Jaywalking is based on deconstruction, experimentation, and contrasts of Jay Jajal’s experiences and mindset.
Midnight LAW
Photo Courtesy: Midnight Law
Midnight LAW, founded in 2018, is a maximal clothing line strongly influenced by vintage/retro aesthetic concepts, the visual arts, punk, sci-fi, and various other artistic and popular alternative cultures of the past. If you enjoy cutting-edge graphic design, this is the place for you. Hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and crop tops are all available. The Vintage 60s t-shirts are absolutely outstanding, inexpensive, and so great that we already have two in our baskets. The hoodies from their Vapour line, on the other hand, are a fantastic mix of Greek-inspired and Y2K.
Almost Gods
Photo Courtesy: Almost Gods
The Almost Gods Project is based on the concept of Future Communion, a discourse that asks what it means to be human by contrasting the two polar forces driving contemporary civilization, Religion and Technology. Pulled back and forth between these two huge pillar beliefs, the fundamental notion of being human is changing – a conversation that Almost Gods engages in through garments that serve as honest emblems for the past, future, and today. The pieces speak directly to a generation that is in the midst of a massive transition that has erased accepted meanings of what it is to be human and is in the process of forming fresh definitions through the process of up-cycling social frameworks and thoughts to fit the novel world created by newly awakened technologies.
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