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June 24, 2024

Artist Greg Lauren designs an exclusive line for Paul & Shark

Greg Lauren the American, actor, fashion designer and artist deconstructed iconic Paul and Shark pieces, using the signature GL aesthetic and silhouettes to create a new collection titled Paul and Shark X Greg Lauren.

The collection will include a complete masculine look that revisits some of Paul & Shark’s most distinctive designs with Greg Lauren’s iconic aesthetics in clothes, which are deconstructed and reconstructed like the Bretagne Sweater, an iconic nautical sweater, and reimagined and reconstructed with vintage denim as the GL “Boxy Hooded Work Jacket” and the elements of the classic “Bretagne” pea coat.

“I try to make everything feel like an individual piece of art, something that has the evidence of human touch,” Greg says in a press note. He loved the challenge of making clothes from an artist’s perspective, to create a collection, which could be produced in Varese, in North Italy, working with the skilled craftsmen and craftswomen of Paul & Shark.

The first drop of the collection, which will be in stores soon, features seven designs, unique pieces that are handmade in Greg Lauren’s workshop in Los Angeles. The second drop will be presented on June 20, at a special event during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. The third drop will reach the market in January and June 2020 respectively; these will be made in-house by Paul & Shark.

With this collection, the brand is looking at expanding its vision to mix the historic craftsmanship of Italian knitwear with the iconic appeal of classic Americana by Greg Lauren.

Founded in 1975 by the Dini family, Paul & Shark has become synonymous with Italian elegance and style, and offers a comprehensive range of Men’s, Women’s, Children’s clothing and accessories collections available in 73 different countries.

The brand is inspired by the sail of an 18th-century clipper, inscribed with the words Paul & Shark, seen during Dini’s visit to a small sail maker’s workshop in Maine.

Kannav Chaudhary


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