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July 20, 2024

Best ways to get your work from home style right; celebrity inspired

Hrutika Bhaasker

#keepmestylishathome is the new mantra. Women in 2020 have to face the new challenge of dressing up for business and social video calls while at home. Thanks to our celebrities, we have a variety of #quartinefits on social media to inspire us. Be inspired!
1.  White shirt
A classic white shirt can never let you down. It’s perfect for an online meeting.

2. Golden accessories
Add some bling to your look with golden hoops or a simple chain to distract the camera from your off-duty look.


3. Floral top
Brighten up your work attire by wearing your favourite floral top on the last day of the work week.

4. Blazer
A coloured/patterned blazer is always a mood lifter! Style it with your loungewear and look office-ready.

5. Slip dress + Cardigan
To feel light and breezy, here’s an idea. Hop from your movie marathon right to your work call in a comfy slip dress.

6. Oversized trousers
Oversized trousers are the go-to business casual look. To work right off your couch, pair them up with a loose tee and blazer and you’re set!

7. Monochrome tracksuit
A tracksuit is considered to be just the casual wear made for the house. However, with a touch of lipstick, neat hairdo and some bold jewellery, you can make it work as a formal attire.

8. Kurti
A kurti is elegant and appropriate; moreover, its loose fit makes it the perfect clothing item in summers.

9. Maxi dress
This flexible clothing item allows you to attend zoom meetings, read, cook, answer calls and watch Netflix in ease.

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