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May 21, 2024

Birthstone jewellery pieces that look stunning and possess therapeutic powers

Husein Haveliwala & Pratishtha Rana

The story of birthstones’ association with humans dates back to the 5th century. Christian scholars made the connection between the twelve gems in the breastplate of Aaron, twelve months of the year and twelve signs of the zodiac. It is said that the wearer can benefit from the different therapeutic powers of the stones during the specified months.
Garnet (For protection)
The Paradise Ring by Bluestone

Find a piece of paradise in this statement ring with a classy red garnet paired with diamonds in 18K white gold.
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Amethyst (For wisdom)
The Hanging Mulberry by Zoya


A fascinating pair of amethyst earrings features purple-toned mulberry orbs, which connects delicately with rose gold extensions studded with diamonds.
Buy from: In-store
(Mumbai and Delhi)
Aquamarine (For serenity)
Welby Aquamarine Ring by Candere, Kalyan Jewellers
This minimalistic ring’s rose gold frame nestles the mesmerising aquamarine stone.
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Diamond (For love)
The Gyuri Diamond Bracelet by PC Jeweller
A gemstone with eternal charms, gleaming diamonds feature in this white-gold bracelet made for many special occasions of your life.
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Emerald (For hope)
A necklace from Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers’ Rajbari collection
This gorgeous necklace made in 18K gold boasts of full cut and rose-cut diamonds. While the main eye-catching elements are the elephant motifs and
the Zambian emeralds, pachhi work can also be seen on the necklace. The inspiration behind this intricate design is the elephant — an animal that is a symbol of strength, power and good fortune.                                                Buy from: In-store
(Delhi, Jaipur)
Mother of pearl (To relieve stress)
Jhumkas by Renu Oberoi
An apt wedding accessory, these diamond studded jhumkas are accentuated with mother of pearl seamlessly.
Buy from: In-store (Mumbai)
Ruby (For vitality)
Parure from Mirari
At the centre of each flower is a hexagonal shape Mozambican ruby, surrounded by fancy shaped diamonds. The flowers are studded with pink and orange sapphires, the fine twigs are crafted from Zambian emeralds and diamonds, outlining the petals.
Buy from: In-store (Delhi)
Peridot (For beauty)
Mia By Tanishq Friends of Bride 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Drop Earrings
A pair of 14-karat yellowgold and diamond drop earrings emphasize the distinctive green shade of peridot.                                                                     Buy from: In-store and
Sapphire (For truth)
Sapphire Bracelet by Jaipur Gems

This bracelet is a celebration of sapphire with an arrangement of the rich blue stone adorned with diamonds.
Buy from: In-store (Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Dubai and Doha) and
Tourmaline (To heal)
Tourmaline Classic Stud Earrings by CaratLane
A rich shade of pink catches the eye in these stud earrings, available in yellow and white gold. A set of 24 micro diamonds adorn the top of the earrings.
Buy from: In-store (25+ Indian cities) and
Topaz (For love and good fortune)
Lemon Topaz drop earrings by Latique
Crafted to perfection, the topaz drop earrings exude comfortable luxury. A rich hue of lemon gold is fused with the glow of intricately cut marquise
and diamonds.
Buy from: In-store (Delhi)
Lapiz Lazuli (To heal)
Equinoxe from Cartier’s Magnitude collection
The necklace, a nebula of yellow, orange and white diamonds, orange-toned yellow sapphire and lapis lazuli, is every bit stunning.
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(Please note that some months have more than one birthstone)

Pratishtha Rana


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