Delicious tonic free gin cocktails to try out instead of a G&T

Schenelle Dsouza  
Gin enthusiasts know the best way to enjoy the spirit is in a classic G&T. And while we can’t deny the refreshing appeal of a G&T, there’s only so many ways to spice it up. Gin mixers and sodas are a quick fix for those who despise the taste of tonic water or are simply looking for new ways to enjoy gin. But if you’re looking for innovative ways to spruce up your gin drink for the summers, check out these delicious tonic-free gin cocktail recipes by gifted mixologists below.  
Ellunda – Jishnu, Head Mixologist, KMC* 
Photo Courtesy: KMC*
50ml Doja Gin 
30ml black sesame orgeat 
30ml invisible milk 
2 dashes of orange blossom water  
7 dashes of acids (citric acids, malic acids, tartaric acids) 
Method: Toasted black sesame seeds are blended with water and added to the gin, invisible milk and orange blossom water. Acids are added to balance the drink. The cocktail is garnished with its namesake, “ellunda,” a black sesame and jaggery ball. 
Izu Roni – Akash Singh, Bar Manager, Akina 
Photo Courtesy: AKINA
45ml mulberry infused gin 
10ml sweet vermouth   
7.5ml Campari   
Garnish: Orange peel 
Method: Add all the ingredients in a stirring jug over ice. Take an old-fashioned glass and place a big ice cube in the glass. Strain and serve over a big ice cube and garnish with orange peel 
Idukki Gold – Bensan Varghese, Head Mixologist, Badmaash Andheri  
Photo Courtesy: Badmaash Andheri
60ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin 
30ml Idukki pineapple saccharum  
15ml passionfruit pulp  
Half a chilli 
2-3 fresh basil buds 
Method: Add all the ingredients in a shaker along with half a chilli, shake vigorously with ice and double strain into a martini glass, garnished and smoked with wood chips 
Kokum Club – Vineeth Krishnan, Beverage Manager, Pebble Street Hospitality  
Photo Courtesy: Pebble Street Hospitality
45ml Beefeater Gin  
5ml coconut syrup – 5 ml 
17.5ml homemade kokum syrup 
22.5ml fresh lemon juice  
15ml egg white 
Garnish – orange zest, orchid flower & kokum dust 
Method: First wet shake with ice. Put all the ingredients into a shaker. Then dry shake without ice. Double strain into the glassware. Garnish. 
Lemongrass Martini – Atul Mastud, Bar Shift Manager, Hakkasan  
Photo Courtesy: Hakkasan
1 stick of lemongrass  
74ml Tanqueray gin  
7.5ml sugar syrup  
Method: Muddle lemongrass. Add all ingredients. Shake and double strain in a martini glass.  
Little Bee – Sumit Yadav, Head Mixologist, Shifuku 
Photo Courtesy: Shifuku
50ml gin  
70ml orange juice  
Half a passion fruit  
10ml lime juice  
15ml agave nectar  
45ml dry wine  
Method: Add all the ingredients in a shaker full of ice. Shake well and strain into a champagne flute. Garnish with brown sugar rim and orange wheel.  
M&M (Mint and Mustard) – Sunil Prathab Muthupandi, Bartender, Seefah 
Photo Courtesy: Seefah
50ml gin  
15ml lime  
10ml mint and mustard extract  
5ml sugar  
Soda to top up  
Garnish: Mint spring  
Method: Take a glass put lime, sugar syrup, a mustard mint concoction, and gin. Stir and taste it. Add a sphere of ice, soda water, and garnish with a mint sprig.  
Malfy Amore Amaro, Malfy  
Photo Courtesy: Malfy
60ml Malfy con Limone 
150ml Schweppes bitter lemon 
Ice cubes or 2-3 ice balls  
Garnish: lemon wheels/ thyme sprig 
Method: Build in a Copa glass. Garnish 
Mango Ginger Spritzer – Imran Shaikh, Beverage Manager, PaPaYa Malad  
Photo Courtesy: PaPaYa Malad
60ml gin 
60ml mango pure 
15ml ginger syrup 
2 slices of jalapenos 
30ml lime juice 
Top up with ginger ale 
Method: Pour all the ingredients in the shaker. Shake well and pour in the Bordeaux glass and top half glass with ginger ale Garnish with a bunch of mint springs and jalapeno slices.  
Melowpeach – Nikesh Lama, Head Bartender- Hyatt Regency Dehradun  
Photo Courtesy: Hyatt Regency Dehradun
60ml gin 
20ml lime juice  
15ml sugar syrup  
Basil leaf 
Fresh watermelon  
Splash of ginger ale 
Method: In a shaker add gin, lime juice, sugar syrup, muddled watermelon and 6-7 mint leaves topped with a splash of Ginger Ale. Shake the cocktail and double strain it into a couplet. Garnish with cubes of melon and basil leaf 
Paan 420 – Deepak Adhikari, Bartender, Lyrah, Trident Gurgaon  
Photo Courtesy: rident Gurgaon
60ml betel leaf infused gin 
15ml lemon juice 
15ml homemade gulkand syrup 
Garnish: Betel leaf 
Method: Infuse the gin with a betel leaf for a minimum of 48 hrs. Add lemon juice, gulkand syrup and the betel leaf infused gin to a shaker with ice, and shake it till it mixes well. Add ice to glass and pour. Garnish with betel leaf. 
Parisian Fling – Shatbhi Basu, Drink Strategy Consultant – Hoegaarden 
Photo Courtesy: Hoegaarden
60ml Hoegaarden Parisian Romance gin 
1 bar spoon pomegranate tears/fresh strawberries 
1 wedge lime 
Lime soda 
Garnish: Fresh rosemary 
Method: Fill glass with ice. Add gin. Squeeze and drop in the lime wedge and pomegranate/strawberry. Top with lime soda. Garnish with fresh rosemary.  
Ramos & Roses Gin Fizz – Varun Sharma, Head of Bar, Comorin Gurugram 
Photo Courtesy: Comorin Gurugram
60ml orange & blue pea flower infused gin  
15ml lemon juice  
7.5ml lime juice  
12.5ml rose-bergamot syrup  
20ml heavy cream  
25ml egg white  
4-5 dashes orange blossom  
Club soda to top 
 Method: Regular shake and then dry shake (Imperial Shaker).  
Summer Smash – Urvika Kanoi, Chef & Owner, Café Duco  
Photo Courtesy: Café Duco
60ml gin  
4-5 fresh basil  
½ birds eye chili, deseeded  
30ml lime juice  
150ml sugarcane juice  
Method: In a glass, add ice, gin, basil, chili, lime juice and sugarcane juice. Stir, top with more sugarcane juice if needed. Slap a piece of basil and put it on top.  
Spiced Negroni – Mohit Gadgil, Beverage Manager, JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar 
Photo Courtesy: W Marriott Mumbai Sahar
30ml gin 
30ml orange liqueur  
30ml port wine 
1 nos nutmeg  
1 nos star anise 
1 nos orange wedge 
Method: Stir gin, orange liqueur and port wine in a mixing glass along with the ice. Strain it into low ball glass on the ice. Garnish it with star anise along with the orange wedge and grate the nutmeg. 
The Burrow Bramble — Aniket Jagtab, Head Bartender and Omkar Parab, Senior Bartender, The Burrow, BKC 
Photo Courtesy: The Burrow
45ml house gin  
15ml fresh lime juice  
5ml simple syrup  
15ml in house berry liqueur  
7-8 mixed berries  
Method: Muddle the berries in an old-fashioned glass. Add house Gin and add it to the muddled berries with fresh lime juice, simple syrup and berry liqueur. Shake with a little ice, pour over crushed ice and add a few mint sprigs for a garnish.  
Tropical Waters – Manjiri Nevrekar, Assistant Bartender, Nksha  
Photo Courtesy: Nksha
60ml London Dry Gin 
15ml kokum syrup 
15ml cold pressed coconut water 
10ml freshly pressed lime juice 
Garnish: Coconut powder  
Method: In a chilled mixing glass add freshly pressed lime juice, kokum syrup, cold-pressed coconut water and London dry gin. Top up the mixing glass with ice and stir the cocktail. Strain into a chilled coupe glass rimmed with coconut powder.  
Xing Fu – Rosslyn Selwin Karpanam, Head mixologist, Yauatcha 
Photo Courtesy: Yauatcha
45ml earl grey tea  
20ml lemon juice  
15ml lavender syrup 
50ml gin 
10ml Cointreau  
A few drops of Angostura bitters  
20ml egg white  
Method: Shake all the ingredients with ice except the bitters. Reverse dry shake strain in the coupe glass. Add 3 dots of angostura bitters and serve. 
You’re The Zest – Sahil Gangurde, Sr. Bartender, Plural 
Photo Courtesy: Plural
60ml Roku gin 
15ml Triple citrus cordial 
15ml Martini Rosso 
15ml lime juice 
15ml egg white 
Method: Add all the ingredients in a shaker full of ice. Shake well and strain. Garnish with dehydrated orange. 
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