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June 19, 2024

Stay up to date with the latest jewellery trends

Jade Crasto
It’s easy to get wrapped up in updating your wardrobe to match the newest trends. However, with cut-outs and low-rise or baggy jeans, the latest fashion fads may get overwhelming when your ensemble selections become limitless. But allow us to remind you that jewellery tends to be what defines and completes an ensemble. So, keep your look basic by wearing your favourite black jumper or cropped white tee and fix your attention on the jewellery.
After minimalism’s lengthy reign left our necks, wrists, and fingers feeling light and naked, fashion has recently taken a turn, particularly in the bauble sector. Statement jewellery items like sculptural wrist cuffs and colourful costume chokers are increasingly making their way onto the runways and into our collections, pushing plain chains and hoops off the top shelf they’ve occupied since the early ’20s.
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A gold or silver cuff is a great way to create a modest statement with only one item. Cuff bracelets have proved to be the simplest way to dress up any outfit. The silhouette is frequently merely a broad, arching curve, yet it has an excellent impression. For example, cuffs are frequently adjustable, allowing you to wear them in a variety of ways. If you want a more traditional style, wrap a cuff or two around your wrist and tuck it beneath the sleeve of your shirt or sweater.
Statement Rings
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Rings are usually an excellent way to express yourself since if you collect enough of them, the combination is nearly always completely unique. Chunky rings are still popular after exploding in popularity over the past few years, and a variety of unique shapes, colours, and silhouettes are also on the increase. Choose a few rings that complement your particular style and favourite trends, and you’ll have a fun assortment to mix and match with your clothes.
Beaded necklaces
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Beaded necklaces are like a throwback to when we were kids, making friendship bracelets or funky necklaces from small kits that you would get at children’s store. Thinly beaded chains are perfect for stacking experts. This bohemian style is a casual way to accessorise, whether you’re stacking numerous strands of the same beads, pairing them together, or simply letting a single strand speak for itself. The best part is, you don’t have to wear a flower crown or a lengthy skirt to wear beads.
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Nothing screams royalty like emeralds. Emeralds are here to stay, as jewellery connoisseurs around the world continue to fall in love with the beautiful stone. From fun settings to exaggerated, one-of-a-kind far-sized single stones, traditional necklaces to modern-day heirlooms, emeralds are going to dominate centre stage at all intimate and extravagant occasions.
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It’s like we’re back in 2011! The ye old charm necklaces are back and have fresher look. Charms generally have a personal tale behind them that is linked to a certain location and period. Because of this they are practically certain to never go out of style. So, layer them on a bracelet, a necklace, or a pair of earrings to show off your favourite stuff in a fun and playful way.
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Punk fashion borrows characteristics from various subcultures’ distinct social attire. There have been several art and music styles that have impacted punk fashion. With punk, there are no rules.  Over 40 years ago, designer Vivienne Westwood was at the vanguard of the Punk movement. Just as her designs have evolved into couture, punk jewellery styles have evolved into high-end accessories. After years of bohemian jewellery styles, punk is making a strong comeback.
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From vibrant and massive necklaces to resin rings and friendship bracelets, the trick to incorporating artisan jewellery items into your wardrobe is simply to accept their disarray. Unlike other accessories, where stacking and styling may be an art form in and of themselves, these items’ function and can even look better when put together with a variety of other striking pieces.
Opera Gloves and Glovelettes
Photo Courtesy: Outhouse Jewellery
Fashion fads come and go, but certain designs are timeless and appeal to people of all ages. Such is the scenario with opera gloves, a traditional item that gained prominence during the Victorian era and is presently enjoying a revival in popularity. Gloves have only had tiny fashion revivals in public culture in recent years, so it’s great to see the exquisite style finally return among fashion’s elite. An example of a glovelette would be what Alia Bhatt donned at the Mat Gala earlier this year. The jewelled vegan leather glovelettes were designed by Indian brand Outhouse Jewellery. Crafted in ivory PETA-approved vegan leather, the fingerless glovelettes channel Karl’s iconism with the House’s inventiveness. It features the OH V monogram studded with clear crystals and pearls.
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