Friday luxury news wrap

Arushi Sakhuja
Missed out on the top luxury updates for the week? Fret not, cause LuxeBook has you covered. From new fashion collaborations like the one between Japanese label Comme Des Garcons and the Pokemon franchise — CDG x PokĂ©mon — to a debut label by Doja Cat and Aston Martin’s new V12 Vantage, the international luxury world is buzzing. But many new things are brewing for the Indian market as well. McLaren is opening their first retail store in Mumbai and Apple decided to make the iPhone 14 in India after China’s rollout. Here’s a lowdown on all the buzz in the luxury world.
Aston Martin launches a new V12 Vantage Roadster 
Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster
Photo Courtesy: Aston Martin
If you thought Aston Martin is done with the V12, think again. The luxury car brand recently announced the all-new V12 Vantage Roadster. Just when we thought it was the final version of the V12 Vantage, the British giant launched an open-top variant of the powerful speed machine. The convertible version of the new V12 Vantage retains the same 700hp powertrain and fuses ultimate performance with open-air thrills. The production of this model is limited to 249 pieces globally and one is already sold.
Sony unveils a new PS5 controller with mix-and-match parts. 


When it comes to luxury customization is key. Sony has a new wireless controller for the PlayStation 5 which is customizable.
Players can mix and match components on the upgraded DualSense Edge, building on the advances in vibration feedback and responsive analogue triggers. However, Sony hasn’t set a date for release.
Apple to make the iPhone in India 
Apple iPhone
Photo Courtesy: Apple
When it comes to smartphones, the iPhone has predominated the market in India. Being accessible to the luxury segment and the masses, this year Apple announced a plan to make its newest iPhone 14 in India two months after the Chinese-made ones are released. To meet the expected demand, suppliers are ramping up manufacturing in India and shortening the typical 6-9 months lag.
COMME Des Garcons CDG and Pokémon announce a new collaboration 
CDG x Pokemon
Photo Courtesy: CDG/ Instagram
Luxury house Comme Des Garcons’ sublabel CDG and media franchise Pokemon have announced a new collaboration. The sublabel took to Instagram to share the logo which is overlapped with PokĂ©mon’s branding. While the details are yet to be shared we can’t wait to see what the new lineup will have. Will it be a capsule collection or something edgier… only time will tell. But a range of apparel pieces featuring signature graphics is what we suspect.
McLaren to open the first retail store in Mumbai
Mclaren Vantage V12 Roadster
Photo Courtesy: McLaren/ Instagram
Mclaren Vantage V12 Roadster
Photo Courtesy: McLaren/ Instagram
Mclaren Vantage V12 Roadster
Photo Courtesy: McLaren/ Instagram
British luxury car brand McLaren has finally opened a store in India. According to reports, the showroom is set to open in Mumbai in October this year making it the carmaker’s 41st territory in the world. The McLaren retail business named as McLaren Mumbai will sell the McLaren GT and the high-performance hybrid, Artura. Infinity Cars will be the exclusive importer for McLaren in India; the outlet will share space with Lamborghini in Prabhadevi.
Doja Cat launches her own apparel line – It’s giving 
Doja Cat it's Giving
Photo Courtesy: Doja Cat/ Instagram
It seems like celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon to launch their own labels. Soon after Gigi Hadid announced her label, Doja Cat spilt the beans about her upcoming collection – It’s Giving. The debut limited edition collection includes crop tops emblazoned with YES text and a tee featuring kitten graphics that read it’s giving.
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