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February 23, 2024

Inspired by the sea, this Juhu flat is everything a home should be

Ruhi Gilder
In a city surrounded by the sea, every Mumbaikar dreams of having a home by the waves. Studio NACL, Natasha Aggarwal Creative Living Interior Design Studio, recently completed one such dreamy residential project, the Ocean View Home.

Located in the posh area of Juhu, this 950 square feet, 3 BHK apartment has arresting views of the Arabian sea. Designed for a family of four, the home was initially built in the 70s, but needed an overhaul to reflect the modern sensibilities and lifestyle of its residents. The interiors and exteriors are in sync, as the colour palette of the home is strongly mirrored by the shades of the ocean and sunsets.

The designers have reused elements of the original design, including the 70s era table. The old wooden piece has been upgraded with an embellished floral mosaic on site. The quality wardrobes were also in good condition, only their colour and finish has been upgraded to match the decor.

Standout elements include the vibrant sofa in the hall that adds a splash of colour to the otherwise monochrome design.
Our favourite spot in the home – the den is strategically placed to enjoy the sunset every day. Perfectly suited to the client, who loves to read, the airy book nook is a space to unwind. The flat also showcases the client’s love for travel, and upon request, Studio NACL custom-made a mirror wall display unit to celebrate her collection of travel-related art.

As space is a problem in most Mumbai homes, an open-plan living room, minimal elements, clean lines and uncluttered decor give the home a lot of room to breathe. Long corridors ending in mirrored wardrobes create an illusion of space, concealed cabinets create ample storage to declutter the living space.

The lack of natural light was a challenging constraint, and opening up the height with tall windows, incorporating light pastel tones in the decor helped brighten the flat.

The quirky touches lend the home a unique character, while the simplistic but luxurious decor embodies the true spirit of a serene beach.

Photography credits: Kuber Shah and Pulkit Sehgal.
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Ruhi Gilder

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