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April 16, 2024

Lodha real-estate group sold over 300 units in the lockdown, says Vinti Lodha

Riddhi Doshi
All of us have different lockdown experience, but one thing that is common in most cases is the test of our patience. Lodha Luxury’s Vinti Lodha is in the same boat.
While managing her business, she is also home-schooling her children and trying to keep calm by meditating.
She talks to LuxeBook at length about her quarantine experience.
How has the business of luxury real-estate been affected in the lockdown?
Quarantine has reinforced everyone’s faith in real estate as the best investment. We have sold over 300 units in the lockdown, with over 80 flats on one single day on Akshay Tritiya. If there is one thing everyone has realised is that home is a reservoir of memories, it’s your safe haven. There are many things we want but a safe and beautiful home is all that you actually need.
The Avenue, The World Towers, Mumbai
The Avenue, The World Towers, Mumbai
What are you doing to support the fight against the pandemic?
We have fed over three lakh daily-wage workers and people from lesser privileged backgrounds across the city. Provisions for 20,000 meals per day were made at four locations across the city. Furthermore, our residents have also been one of our biggest concerns. To ensure that each resident’s needs are met, our seasoned Saint Amand hospitality staff is taking great care to provide them with their daily essentials. All our housekeeping teams have been maintaining high levels of sanitization across all our properties as well.
As a businesswoman, what are your business priorities right now?
Employees’ safety and mental health are our top priorities right now. Also, ensuring that our customers’ needs are met. The trust in the brand has been established in this extremely challenging time with so many people buying even in this period. Customer satisfaction is key in the luxury real estate business as each of our clients are influencers and brand ambassadors in their own right.
What kind of marketing strategies have you deployed to engage with your clients?
Our focus, during this time has been to connect with our customers in an engaging emotional manner. We have realised that as more and more consumers are forced to stay home in this global crisis, people, in a way, have been gifted with the luxury of time. Hence, we launched a beautiful series on luxury of time campaign, focusing on renewed childhood interests, spending time with loved ones, learning new skills, etc. After all, that is the biggest luxury.
How are you preparing for the times post-COVID?
Everyone is looking forward to normalcy. Having said that, there is a lot of focus on adapting to the new normal – a very different future from the one we envisaged. As lots of work is pending in terms of construction and design, we are doing our best to do all the homework we can and get back to the ground as soon as we can.
What does the future of real-estate look like post COVID?
There will be more focus on technology. The consumer is changing too. We are looking at a digital future ahead. Earlier a customer would come to visit a property three times on an average before buying it. Going forward, I would definitely see that change.
What is your everyday lockdown routine like?
I am a mother of three children, aged 11, 7 and 2. Online schooling has taken away a chunk of my mornings. I’ve learnt to cook a couple of fun things. As we are locked down in our golf resort in Belmondo (Lodha Belmondo in Lonavala), evenings are spent playing football as a family or binge-watching shows on Netflix and Apple TV!
Are you listening to any podcasts or music currently?
Yes, meditation music in the morning and evenings.
What are you watching currently and which ones are on your to-watch list?
Just watched The Crown, Little Fires Everywhere & The Morning Show. Now have Money Heist on my watch list.

What is that one thing you would like to buy after the lockdown is lifted, where would you like to go and whom would you want to meet?
I’m a big foodie …so the only thing I would want to buy is my favourite food from all my favourite hangouts! Would definitely want to see my parents who live abroad but are in Delhi at the moment and my friends.
Do you have a message for our readers and your clients? Enjoy this time. It seems like forever, but we have a busy life waiting, so, relax right now, introspect and grow mentally.

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