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June 21, 2024

Pleated lampshades are back in 2023

Arushi Sakhuja 
Very old school, yet back in vogue. If you’ve always been a fan of the regal looking lampshades in vintage films and shows such as Mad Men or in James Bond films, then we have some good news. A product of the Victorian age in the UK, it saw popularity between 1960s-80s. The vintage style of lighting, pleated lampshades, has seen a recent resurgence and is being reinvented for this year. The gathered lampshade is typically made from rich velvet or silk, which manages to diffuse light softly across a room. Make your home cosier with the addition of a few pleated lampshades. Scroll on!
Beyond Designs Yin Yang floor lamp 
pleated lampshades
Photo Courtesy: beyond Designs
The Yin Yang floor lamp is a striking piece that commands immediate attention. It combines elegance with the delicate charm of the beauteous lampshade that resembles a flower.
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Lladro English Floor Lamp
Lladro English Floor Pleated lampshades
Photo Courtesy: Dekor Company
Simple yet outstanding, Lladro’s pleated lampshades in pastel hues brings a drop of calm amidst bold colours. A small work of art, without compromising on quality, you are bringing both function and ambience to your home. 
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Zeleno Ceramic Table Lamp 
Zeleno Ceramic Table Lamp 
Photo Courtesy: Whispering Homes
Add vibrancy to your home with Zeleno’s electric table lamp. The rich bold shade and classic lampshade make it a sophisticated lighting accent for your living space. 
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Laura Ashley
Pleated lampshades
Photo Courtesy: John Lewis
Illuminate the room with a design reminiscent of true British style. Laura Ashley’s elegant lamp with a white pleated lampshade looks ethereal in any formal setting. 
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Baccarat Mille Nuit Table Lamp
Photo Courtesy: Harrods
Imagined in a sophisticated, neutral colourway, this lamp will infuse refinement into any home. This is one of the few pleated lampshades that balances classic elegance with contemporary finesse in complete harmony. Cut from crystal with bevelled detailing, the design is topped with a neutral-hued, textile lampshade that perfects the ambience of your setting. 
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Rosha India Valentino
Pleated lampshade Valentino
Photo Courtesy: Rosha India
Blending modern and contemporary, Rosha India’s Valentino lamp is a modern classic lamp with an elongated design. It looks best placed at the bedside or to adorn the spaces of your living room and can easily be paired with contemporary aesthetics.
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Rooshad Shroff 
Rooshad Shroff 
Photo Courtesy: The House of Things
If you’re not ready to embrace a full maximalist style this pleated lampshade can add a softness to the sharp lines of minimalist decor. Defying traditional design, the table lamp by Rooshad Shroff features a base crafted from white marble and a fluted lampshade.
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