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May 26, 2024

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Recent OTT releases to add to your Weekend Watchlist

Explore the latest releases in the world of streaming with a diverse lineup of captivating stories. From the highly anticipated “Dune: Part 2” to the enchanting “The Grimm Variations,” and the thrilling “The Secret Score,” there’s something in here for every viewer. Join us as we journey through realms of fantasy, mystery, and suspense, all from the comfort of your favourite streaming platform.

Dune: Part 2

Paul Atreides, a prodigiously talented and destined youth, finds himself thrust into a fate far greater than he comprehends. His journey leads him to the perilous depths of the most treacherous planet in the cosmos, where the security of his kin and his people hangs in the balance. Amidst the raging clash of sinister powers vying for control of the planet’s unparalleled resource, only those who can master their own fears stand a chance at survival.

Available on Prime Video and Apple TV.

The Grimm Variations

The Netflix original anime “The Grimm Variations” presents an anthology of fairy tales across six captivating episodes. Each instalment offers a fresh interpretation of a timeless Grimm brothers’ narrative. In the debut episode, the brothers engage in conversation over a new manuscript, interrupted by their curious sister, Charlotte. Eager to learn about their latest endeavour, Charlotte listens as they recount the tale of Cinderella. However, as the series unfolds, this familiar story evolves into a gripping psychological thriller, challenging perceptions and delving into deeper, darker dimensions.

Available on Netflix.

The Secret Score

Disney is back again with “The Secret Score” (“La partitura secreta”), a musical fantasy series filmed in Mexico and tailored for both Latin American and global audiences. Following 16-year-old Maya, the show tracks her journey as she seeks answers to her boyfriend Leo’s mysterious disappearance. Enrolling in a prestigious music school where Leo once studied, Maya and her friends stumble upon a magical music sheet that grants them powers. However, through their adventures with the sheet, they must contend with dark forces drawn to the sheet’s powers, all the while keeping it a secret.

Available on Disney+.

Heartbreak High Season 2

For fans of Heartbreak High’s first season that premiered in 2022, season 2 is the perfect watch to unwind over the weekend. The second season, much like the first becomes a window into the turbulence of being a teen. Set in Hartley High School in this 1990s series in Australia, the season introduces new exciting characters, shocking plot twists, and a whole lot of romance and heartbreak. The drama from the past term lingers on as the main character Amerie becomes a target for a mystery assailant and her hopes for a normal term are shattered, setting the stage for a tumultuous term ahead.

Available on Netflix.

All India Rank

Set in 1997, the series opens by unraveling the elegance of Euler’s identity, e^(iπ) + 1 = 0, hailed as the pinnacle of mathematical beauty. Animated digits gracefully reinforce this assertion. We soon learn that the voice guiding us belongs to 17-year-old Vivek Singh, who is about to embark on a journey from his sheltered Lucknow home to the famed IIT hub of Kota. It’s here that Vivek’s path toward the IITs begins to unfold.

Available on Netflix.

Dream Scenario

In “Dream Scenario,” Nicolas Cage takes the lead as Paul Matthews, an unassuming biology professor whose life takes a drastic turn when he inexplicably begins appearing in the dreams of strangers. This surreal phenomenon thrusts him into the spotlight, but as the dreams escalate in intensity, Paul’s own reality begins to mirror the nightmarish experiences of those who dream of him. Blending humour, horror, and surrealism, this film explores the consequences of sudden fame and blurs the lines between reality and imagination.

Available on Lionsgate Play.


Elly Conway, a reclusive author, crafts bestselling espionage novels centered around Argylle, a secret agent on a mission to expose a global spy syndicate. However, as the events in her books eerily parallel the covert activities of a real-life espionage organization, the distinction between fiction and reality becomes increasingly blurred.

Available on Apple TV.

See You In Another Life

In the compelling story of “See You in Another Life,” the backdrop is the harrowing March 11, 2004, bombings in Madrid. The series delves deeply into the intertwined lives of 16-year-old Baby and Emilio Trashorras, as they become entangled in the events preceding the tragedy, including their involvement in transporting the explosives. At the heart of the narrative lies Baby’s pivotal testimony, which becomes a cornerstone in the 2007 trial arising from the attacks. Inspired by Manuel Jabois’ book “Nos vemos en esta vida o en la otra,” this series offers a gripping portrayal of the human experience amidst profound tragedy.

Available on Disney +.

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