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June 13, 2024

Sameer Madan on his summer’23 collection, Untamed: The Wild Thing

Arushi Sakhuja
The young Delhi-based designer Sameer Madan is known for his ensembles that are a successful amalgamation of glamour and fierceness. He uses power as the main prerogative in his creations to give modern femininity a quirky twist. Madan’s creations have a contemporary flair and he seamlessly marries western aesthetics and Indian sensibilities. Ahead of the four-day long FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week (that is set to start on March 9) LuxeBook spoke to designer Sameer Madan who is unveiling his summer cruise ’23 collection ‘Untamed: The Wild Thing’ on March 10.
Designer, Sameer Madan
Photo Courtesy: Sameer Madan
Give us a glimpse of what to expect in your upcoming collections.
A glimpse of glamour, glitz, power and emotion.
What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?
For the Summer Cruise ’23, our Muse inspiration is Monica Bellucci, a 90’s Italian artist. Monica with her air of mystery comes with an innate style and power-polished dress. Her smouldering gaze and love for her own “femininity” is something the brand believes in for every woman. The idea was to recapture her style and blend in with the brand’s ethos of powerful and desirable clothing.
Elaborate on the kind of techniques and colour palette used in the collection.
For techniques this season, we have explored faux leather line leopard machine embroidery, Latex leather scrunch, organza ruffling, leopard applique, ruching and pintucks, hand tossed organza fringes.
Sameer Madan summer '23 collection, Untamed: The Wild Thing sketch
Photo Courtesy: Sameer Madan
Tell us about that one piece we should look out for.
It is the technique to look out for. Something which you see usually, done in the most unusual way.
Throw light on the new kinds of silhouettes we can see in 2023.
In terms of silhouette, we have explored crop oversized shirts, low-back cuts, miniskirts, strappy looks, and drop waist.
Sameer Madan summer '23 collection, Untamed: The Wild Thing sketch
Photo Courtesy: Sameer Madan
How do you stay relevant in the ever-evolving world of fashion?
You adapt and move with the velocity of social media which influences fashion, yet being grounded with what and why you started.
What are your plans for the near future from a business perspective?
Tapping into new bigger stores is on our minds. We are in talks with a couple of international segments. You will know more in time.
Sameer Madan summer '23 collection, Untamed: The Wild Thing
Photo Courtesy: Sameer Madan
How do you plan to pivot for a younger generation? If at all.
The younger generation is self-assured and aware of their artsy choices. It is about clicking the right tone with them – which we usually do.
*Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI is scheduled to be held from 9-12 March at Jio Gardens, Mumbai.
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Arushi Sakhuja


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