Sublimotion Dubai: A sensory meal for $2000

Arushi Sakhuja 
Looking for a luxurious dining experience in Dubai? Then we’d suggest making your way to the newest Sublimotion pop-up in Dubai. The globally renowned restaurant’s pop-up will be open for a few weeks in  Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai hotel and costs a whopping $2,000 per head to indulge in the meal of a lifetime. 
Offering seating for just 12 diners at a single round table, Sublimotion is an unparalleled multi-sensory journey and an unprecedented dining experience through culinary art and technological innovation. The extraordinary Sublimotion opened an exclusive space in Ibiza in 2014 and is the brainchild of Paco Roncero, chef and owner of two Michelin-starred Paco Roncero Restaurante in Madrid.  


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Being an escape from the real world, the venue delights all your senses. The pop-up includes 360-degree screens to stimulate diners’ senses with imagery projected onto every surface, from the walls to the table. Enter the exciting world of molecular gastronomy and haute cuisine where innovation, art and technology combine to create dramatic culinary delights in an original and compelling atmosphere.  
Technology, Art and Food  
Sublimotion Dubai
Photo Courtesy: Sublimotion Dubai
At Sublimotion Dubai, Chef Paco’s take on fantastic molecular gastronomy and the table and dining room magically transform throughout the dinner so that each course immerses the guest in a different sensation or environment. The real and the virtual are combined to achieve one of the most extraordinary moments that can be enjoyed around a table. The Sublimotion state-of-the-art system includes 360-degree screens which create a vivid setting to stimulate diners’ senses. From controlling the temperature and scents to arranging a musical ambience fit for the occasion. For the first time in history, a line is being crossed where guests can ponder how culinary experiences of the future will evolve.  
tech meet art Sublimotion Dubai
Photo Courtesy: Sublimotion Dubai
Chef Paco Roncero uses his passion for art and technology to bring together his love of fine food with the drama and delight of a social eating occasion. The dining itself is at the very heart of the magical Sublimotion, but the cuisine and menu are closely guarded secrets. However, giving you a little insight one can say that the cuisine and its presentation are international. 
The 10-course dinner degustation allows diners to experience, with each delicacy introduced by the master of ceremonies, performers, or the compelling sense and drama of the surrounding scene unfolding. Diners will also get to experience wonderful themes and scenes that complement where the dishes come from, how they are made, what they represent and why they are so delightful to taste and eat. The electric atmosphere is a celebration of the joy of eating and drinking. 
Sublimotion Dubai
Photo Courtesy: Sublimotion Dubai
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